Optimization of web page ranking according to user requirements analysis optimization

I’d like to remind you that in Shanghai Longfeng workers, not to search engine website content. What users really need to come to your website, he got what he wanted it? This is the reason why many webmaster will come to A5 to learn to communicate, because as we find the webmaster we need. Like A5, the home station article also removed the author’s link, but respect copyright, so we have a lot of time in Shanghai love to search some industry problem of their website has a good ranking. There are always some selfish people through the copying then, pseudo original to ascend included their own website, but they did not find a lot of articles is to filter out the search engine. This is what I said after the required to give users how can keep ranking.

through our understanding of the search engine, whether I know our website updates need to reprint articles of others, whether to general pseudo original, whether to the original. These are to be determined according to user needs. I found many webmaster in others reproduced the article, simply remove the link directly others, think that this self deception to deceive the search engine of practice. They are really very naive, very foolish. Your a page to give others a link can bring what loss to your site. Most sites are three layer structure model, that is to say, the content page weight is very little of the transfer may be less than 0.01 of the weight loss does not take care of their webmaster website weight. If the content of the page as in the four layer, five layer is difficult to transfer the weight, because the spider is difficult to climb from the three layer outside of the content, unless your weight is very high, such as sina贵族宝贝.cn, Tencent贵族宝贝, home owners, such as A5 high weight website.

I got an analogy with the enterprise. A business website will have a product page, >

today’s theme is the content of our website ranking optimization page ranking, optimization of this article on the original, pseudo original, reproduced the contents of the article. How to optimize web page, to improve our website user experience? I will explain in detail below.

content page is we’re going to provide information to the user, the user is the most from you here to get information. We did Shanghai dragon will know, when you have a pure original article can not get good rankings, but others can get good rankings reprinted. I think a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are in trouble for this. The search engine is a program, it will not go on your article is through your website Moumou hand; but through a series of procedures to calculate your article can provide users with what users through the keywords you whether or not to meet his needs. An original and pseudo original for the needs of users, really does not have what difference, if your original articles can not meet the needs of users, to search engine is a garbage article, even if the content of the article the author how wonderful, how literary highbrow what the popular literature or art.