nnovation is the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon stick industry

we are doing, everyone said, insisted that victory, but if you stick to a low but still did not see the results you want and how to do it? What is the content of Shanghai dragon with the chain, in fact it is only so much content? The fact if you look at you will find, in which can also make the most, many do more good webmaster, it can really successful, they have their own ideas, innovation, only in some small way slightly changed, but the end result is different. Therefore, the A5 group in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer to do the diagnosis to advise when will put it in an important position, after a lot of practice proved that innovation is the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng industry. Since innovation is so important, then how to cultivate their innovation consciousness?


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divergent thinking, to dare to

to their limits

want to have innovation, then you must have the innovation thought, we must dare to think, sometimes even the opposite, when a problem is to figure out, cannot solve it, you may wish to try the reverse thinking about maybe problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) sometimes there will be some special headache, some website problems is very special, with the general situations are not the same, very special, so in the beginning but also do not know how to improve better, not to mention Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme perfect, but finally changed the kind of thinking, found that when using the reverse thinking, the original problem is so simple, just do not dare to think, dare to try, so will feel good things difficult, it is not.

website ranking, flow, can make the predetermined results, it all depends on whether you insist, or even if you do the site plan at first and then perfect, but if you can not very well according to the plan written to perform, such as a day every day can not stick to it, then it is it is difficult to final success. Including those after Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis website, if you are not in accordance with the recommendations.

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especially for the promotion of the staff in some Internet companies, must not let your mind is limited, in the promotion of a brand, product, do not define what kind of method can be used to, what can not be used, many initially looked at some irrelevant things, it is later the effect of marketing ideas in one of the best, therefore, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel must not his own limits but not dead, company regulations of Shanghai Longfeng staff every day what to do, what not to do so, knowing that you had already put the idea of defining dead, Shanghai dragon people want to be innovative, to explore new things are difficult.

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