404 website crawl errors brought to solve practice

It is recommended that the

C, grab the amount of contrast before and after revision, revision for analysis of the influence of the spider crawl love Shanghai more.

B, LOG log analysis after revision, because it relates to the love of spiders in Shanghai for some judgment website, for example, we can analyze the love of spiders in Shanghai began to judge what website has been revised, or what time has to give up the old station URL crawl etc..

be divided into three periods to analysis:



1, using the log analysis tool to find 404 error to crawl the page

log analysis, we use FTP to download a good website in recent days LOG log, of course, want more analysis, so much time to download a LOG log can also use log analysis tools new task analysis in each stage of love Shanghai spiders crawl. Here the main consideration love Shanghai grab, because this is the premise to establish the analysis included 1 snapshot stagnation.

One of the important work of

log analysis work behind is a key style, after analyzing the specific ideas we have, contrast analysis, we will find many of those who do not see the problem, such as the 404 page revision of the cause, there are a lot of the page is 404 wrong, I did not realize, for example the wp-login.php page is one of the most typical examples:

A, a recent analysis of the day LOG log, today is the best, but yesterday, because yesterday is all, today you even at night to analysis will be part time not to statistics.

Using the tools of light years log analysis tools most commonly used to

404 error page

As for the analysis of

website is revised, each revision is certainly to the good side, because the location of each stage is different, we want to show the image of the enterprise website is different, and a good atmosphere of the website can definitely enhance our potential customers in mind the company’s position. But most of the revision of our website for Shanghai dragon will cause a certain impact, there will need to be very familiar with our website on the situation, and effectively reduce the 404 page revision caused by the excessive situation.

recently had a new website, because it is more than a year before the new domain name, website and content is completely different, the website structure has made great adjustment, so bring a lot of 404 error to grab the page, did not pay special attention to this problem, more new and continued for about 2 weeks, found a snapshot no update, sent some simple chain has no effect, this problem has attracted my attention. Some of their own ideas with all of the following specific analysis: