Optimization case a website on the overall strategy analysis of Shanghai Dragon

so in view of the above situation, solution, observe the spider trends, after all only after the spider to your site can be back to your web page, then every day the spider and update the content is a must, for new sites, weight is not linked, but let the spiders develop the law to your on the website, and capture content, the average new home just grab the problem is that, just grab the spiders in this domain, and then follow the link to look down, but the spider would never in a new station on the first time for a long time, after all, is not completely trust, this is the key, so, your task is to attract some spiders come, let more pages out of the exposure, so, also named the importance of the site map, site map complete all things To climb, no matter is not included, but at least one entrance to the site to understand once all levels, to the next process.

then click into the website structure analysis, first of all can not be denied that the site opened quickly, the host is very awesome, but the station was all static, has certain advantages for the love of spiders in Shanghai, but is the only website news updates suck, has not been updated for a long time the news number is few, but in general terms, the site is very clean, very fresh, I believe that as long as people go to this website, the first impression is very good.

to Shanghai dragon website, always with a very disturbed mood to face it, because they can not know the site itself, on the one hand, to analyze and know, need to communicate with each other to know one, so here, a site on a recently saw the Shanghai dragon process, is also on this a website analysis about it.

When every time you get a

website, second-hand instrument network, when you get this website, see the website of love, Shanghai included 2, included 117 noble baby, here not to mention the link on the show is only included; then check the website domain name next time, is only 67 days, not don’t say that this is a new station, these can only see from the surface, through the collection and query tools of history, then these have a preliminary grasp, the new aristocracy and love Shanghai baby! Included different area shows that web site update is not how, on the other hand, the construction site is put up some content, then there is no pipe, and most of the corporate website, this is also a reason.

site structure uses the most traditional business model, the chain will directly depend only on a forum, it is the product of the forum, basically all of the pages will contain the product pages, but not the latest news section, and other properties of content pages, this requires attention, although for small for the website, do not care, just outside the chain, but, for the user experience. "