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Wangzhuan cares about their virtue, when we win, the best way is, is the so-called popular in the world, our money is also true! Of course, we do the webmaster is to make money, make money, advertising is perhaps the most of our income! We must first choose the advertising alliance, this is the guarantee furthermore, is to choose the advertisement in the Tao on the basis, to improve their website quality and flow. I made the black duck advertising alliance recently, the feeling is very good, we do not say anything else, I said he was a senior advertising alliance, interested friends can go in, look.

then, in June, they introduced third interesting apps: iFoggy. Borrowed from the design concept of Skeuomorphic, software allows people to paint like water on glass, giving an interesting and beautiful painting experience. Although this time they changed the course of "small, fresh and literary", they also got "Europe and America"


is a part of our webmaster network indispensable, is the direct creator and source of the Internet, our behavior, decide whether you can get a space for one person in the fierce competition in the virtual world, but also affect the entire Internet, we as an honest man, do things, not "no way" to make money, when to do things in Germany, if so, you will have a successful day!

Magic Painter is Yii Studio water test products, with this experience, they are more confident of their own technology and interactive capabilities. In April, they released second Apps – a FPS game Real Strike based on Augmented Reality AR. Although it is also a charging application, it is more surprising than the previous one. Which received 1000 Real score Strike line after two weeks, a time limit of June free, had made the software topped a number of countries such as the United States and Japan, China free list, the Wuxing score exceeded 10000 times. Recently, YiiStudio and this product won the Macworld Asia 2012 developer Daren award, will attend the 2013 MacWorld conference.


our webmaster, everyone wants to make money, but before this, when we have the concept of "Tao", to see if we are not like Zhou road, every day there to send a lot of junk information and advertising, to get a lot of traffic short, or IP to deceive, cheat flow, Trojan etc.! Think of our own behavior when we feel. The Internet is a virtual world, if each of us "King Zhou wicked", the network world will become what. Then a step back, even if we get a lot of traffic on the "road", earned the money, then I ask, this is the long-term interests? We will not say, the day the search engine will K your site, one day, you may go to jail, and we said, the netizens how do you feel, this way is to make money, regardless of the feelings of others, such as "Tao" where is

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recently, I’ve been in touch with a team that has just started a year and has introduced several popular products in the global market. And just a few days ago, they told me that they would be invited to the MacWorld conference in Losangeles in 2013 as the developer, talent, and top prize.


the Chinese nation’s five thousand years of civilization, Taoism is also a long history, the road of life, first of its kind, making money, the first view of the road of life.

, a team from Chengdu called Yii Studio, launched the first product, Magic Painter, in 2011 September. A simple operation can produce a lot of brilliant effects of special drawing software. With enough technical support and interactive design capabilities, Yii Studio used its own development game engine GLeam in the first application to create an unusual graphic design software. If you use it, you will find that Magic Painter is the principle of painting is very simple, anyone can create an unexpected effect by random graffiti.


when we met with countless entrepreneurial teams, we were thrilled to see great products and teams. Because these things can always remind us: China’s excellent entrepreneurial team is constantly emerging, China’s innovative products are also emerging. And in these few excellent products, the team in Chengdu often gives us more surprises.

way, the key to see how you understand the word "Dao", in ancient times, King Zhou road, harm the people, no good. In the new democratic revolution period, represented by Mao Zedong, always adhere to the interests of the people as the first, the development of the masses, the masses of trust, finally achieved a great victory in the new democratic revolution! This is the two example of the contrary, Zhou expensive for the emperor, if people can understand a hundred responses to a single call, for the road finally, how will the violent death of the wilderness. At the beginning, Mao Zedong did not want to achieve fame, but to seize the essence of things. On behalf of the interests of others, in a way, but also on behalf of their own interests, as we China to be strong, we must, each person or the majority of people are rich Caixing! Always only see their own interests, regardless of the feelings of others, to benefit even in a short period of time, certainly not long the.

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