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is required by advertisers to serve CPM products very well.

      Yahoo; the acquisition behavior will certainly make it become the leader of network behavior analysis.

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 :     advertisers can face more complex options to buy when they have behavioral analysis advertising. Search engines do not want to rely on their own services, behavioral analysis, advertising can be associated with the pressure of buying and selling data, as well as more advanced tools to obtain a living space.

      and BlueLithium has the technology to track and collect user information. Register the information through its own product technology, such as IM and e-mail, providing information about those customers. What’s more, the provision of information is only available on your own computer, and a downloadable toolbar allows vendors to easily access information about the user’s online behavior. Such technology and scale can achieve the highest conversion rate and return rate when it obtains huge advertising investment. Worthy of the people is proud of the domestic advertising VOGATE in this paper have this technology, it can be like BlueLithium to analyze the user’s surfing habits, make targeted advertising, and give advertisers a variety of precise statistical data.


      yesterday’s headlines were not Yahoo; $300 million was invested in the analysis of an ad company BlueLithium.

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      search data. Yahoo has two search engines around the world. In addition, there are a huge number of search sites


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      people will soon discover the secret, Yahoo! To buy more than just a advertising company, purchased the future advertising trends.

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 :     let’s first talk about the behavior of advertising and analyze what technology it is. The basic idea is to analyze the browsing habits of users online through a full set of systems, such as websites frequently visited by users, relatively high user clicks, and the products with the most users’ attention. These data are then provided to advertisers and valid advertisements are published for the information. As a result, advertisers can have the most accurate marketing information, but also to maximize the effectiveness of advertising.

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      behavioral analysts need to have or share the content of an ad. And this is the case, Revenue, Science and Tacoda have been challenged by independent technology. They were involved in the online industry in 2005.