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      no matter what the reason is, the use of online advertising ban publisher should prohibit such ads in Adwords, if the ban is other online advertising so clearly pointed out that if the implementation of this.

      Zhou Guan set: shlf1314 Adwords Adsense

      although the prohibition of Adwords advertising promotion is conducive to the specification and development of shlf1314 Adsense, but shlf1314 still can not resist the temptation to sell from shlf1314 Adwords. The so-called "come" are customers, and put money in their pockets.

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‘s latest crisis stems from technical dynamic price adjustment.

 :     in shlf1314 Adsense Support Center for " can I advertise my promotion ad " using online advertising; that’s the explanation:

is the darling of Silicon Valley, in the global authoritative research institutions CB Insights has just released the unicorn list, Uber topped the list with a $68 billion valuation, but soon drowned in it more negative news: London accident, a loss of $708 million, the price in the first quarter of 200 thousand, continuous turnover executives, APP users to delete harassment, and the parent company of shlf1314 and a series of questions in the market.

, this is not the first time Uber has seen such a situation. In 2013, when the eastern coast of the United States blizzard, Uber still dynamic price adjustment; December 2014, Australia hostage Sydney hostage price increases of three times…… Often occur unexpected circumstances, Uber can not identify the specific situation, allowing big data dynamic price increases, people laugh at Uber is want to send "disaster money."".


      no, you may not be as specific and the sole purpose of using online advertising to buy traffic to generate conversion, except on explicit permission from advertisers, and their website meets the target page quality guidelines shlf1314.

"worse than pigs or dogs." 23 points to 04 points, a man named Amber Clemente passengers on twitter criticized Uber, "are you sure you want to terrorist attack in London during the 2.1 times the price?" according to Uber, on the understanding that the emergency after 22:50 has manual stop price, the stop price at 23:40. But people did not accept the Uber excuse that it price is in trouble.

      of course it is also possible to China service team did not know the details of this clause, because I have consulted about the terms of the service team, service team gave me the answer is " please provide specific links, " so we can doubt the service team or the service personnel do not know the provisions of the existing.

      it is sometimes easy to make a policy; but it is not so easy to perform correctly when it comes to actual interests.

      we know from the beginning of June 2007 to promote shlf1314 Adsense rules have explicitly prohibited the use of online advertising shlf1314 Adsense products, but when we in shlf1314 search keywords shlf1314 Adsense still can see a lot of direct shlf1314 Adsense promotion advertising publicity.

in January this year, Uber was dubbed the same charge, which was considered the beginning of the fall from the altar. In January 28th, the United States launched a large-scale "delete Uber" campaign. The reason is that the New York taxi Union launched a 1 hour strike to boycott the Trump immigration ban, while Uber, which advocated dynamic peak price adjustment, cancelled the dynamic price adjustment at this time, attempting to profit from it

      why does that still exist,

sends "disaster money"

      service personnel need to train

the troublesome Uber has a new action today. The world travel giant, Harvard University Business School professor Francis Frey served as senior vice president, to help solve the problem of leadership, to improve the enterprise culture frequently provoke outrage.

Uber is in an unprecedented mess. It’s hard to pin down exactly how big a mess these Uber brands are. It is clear that Uber has changed from the media darling as villains, and its founder Kalanick Travis Kalanick arrogant and aggressive personality, muddy generous reputation, almost played a role.

22 June 3rd 08, the London sudden attack, gunmen driving butt and then cut off the scene, a panic. Nearby people fled, out of habit called Uber, orders in a short period of time surge, but big data can not be informed of the reality, and to judge this is an ordinary car peak period, then dynamically adjust prices.