70% where is the future of online education for enterprise lossesAn internet financial entrepreneur

Xu Dalai believes that the premise of artificial intelligence is that there must be a lot of data work together, it is the capital invested by the enterprise. In June 30, 2016, working together with the staff of the General Assembly held in CEO, Liu Chang told the staff, then work together to do three things, one is to further expand the scale, two of their own to make money to feed themselves, reinforce the educational value of three.

, but education content is a special commodity, which accounts for online education subject is K12 Basic Education, consumers and payers separated, therefore, online education commercialization doomed difficult.



in 2014, although the media friends also immersed in the last P2P collapse pessimism tide, still care-laden continues to discuss business model is not feasible, how can P2P company survive; and the end of the market is another completely different scene: almost every day, almost each of the above P2P platform reliable level, are at the stage of 12306 like hot scenes:

of course, as a P2P type of loan products, more than 200 million of the business volume in the bank, the business volume is a second tier city more than a senior credit manager of a quarter, that is a business manager of our bank with dozens of people fell PK, nothing to be proud of the.

ape counseling began in 2015 to explore commercialization, until the end of 2016, ape guidance CEO Li Yongcai announced to the media, ape guidance has income, forming a large-scale online education model. No >

first of all, thanks to the media. In fact, the P2P business in Chinese has been long-standing, development in 5, 6 years, it essentially belongs to the risk of loan, namely those for various reasons unable to obtain personal or business loans from the bank, with a higher price of funds to obtain funds, asset quality is not high, there is a risk that is more suitable for there is a certain risk tolerance of investors, in 2013, the P2P as one of the most commonly used means of financial Internet users, not more than 50 thousand people, is a small niche market.

The first half of the

daily fabiao hours, tens of thousands of users to F5 constantly refresh the page, in the hope of offering from a few seconds to panic buying finished within the time window, can get lucky. There is even a platform that happened last milliseconds while excessive influx of funds, the total abruptly programmed packed with hundreds of thousands of strange events.

that was August 2016. Zhang Hao is online education O2O platform crazy teacher CEO. Two months ago, the crazy teacher just got 120 million yuan C round of financing. Get money, Zhang Hao but no bottom, troubled him is crazy teacher how to make money?.

to millions or tens of millions of users daily processing backlog of idle funds full value but not grab products, the website had to develop all kinds of funds queuing system or a lottery system, to reduce user complaints, customer service every day received dozens of telephone complaints, the user in the roaring ablaze with anger: "I have robbed more than 20 day, why not buy!".

at the beginning of 2016, the Internet Education Research Institute released the "2015 blue book" Chinese online education industry data show that in the survey of 400 online education company, revealed that 70.58% of the 13.24% companies at a loss, the company in a flat state, only 16.18% of the company to maintain profitability.

why overnight, this market will become so hot? Probably for the following reasons:

"on the one hand, we see a rush, because behind the death, but on the other hand toward the cliff, do not run or die, or die out in front." Zhang Hao told the Chinese entrepreneur.

Zhang Hao closed himself up, avoiding everything, suffering and loss, even worse than ten years ago.

Author: Hui Yi floral financial CEO

at a friend’s introduction, Zhang Hao went to Hubei in the mountains with a Buddhist monk live three days, drink tea on the road, seeking peace of mind. Since then, the commercialization of crazy teachers began to accelerate.

online education is one of the most important areas of capital investment. In the past few years, it has invested a lot of investment in different segments of online education. As the founding partner of capital, CEO Xu Da, he did not feel the seriousness of the capital winter, but the financing difficulty was definitely increased, and he did not know how long it would last. So, after the winter capital, he suggested by the investment company, must cut costs, save the cost, the best self hematopoietic capacity.

of course, clever readers certainly see, the above paragraph belongs to implicit loading force, for a start-up Internet financial company, this growth is not easy, but in today’s P2P industry, so the growth rate is not really fast, especially in recent months. P2P, a monthly increase of less than 50%, all feel shy and say.

March 16th, flower Finance www.huaguo formally launched seventy-fifth days, the cumulative turnover of 286 million 390 thousand yuan, 30 times more than originally planned.


Zhang Hao’s experience is a microcosm of the online education industry entrepreneurs. According to "2016 China’s education industry blue book", in 2016, China’s education industry investment is expected to be 9 billion 690 million yuan, down 23% in 2015. The winter of capital makes commercial problems unavoidable.