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"80" boss, Beijing know Chong Yu Information Technology Co., Ltd. founder and president Zhao

VC statistics, most of the good company is up in the capital "winter", they get the money when the environment is good, with appropriate spending and good mentality in the "winter" boil down, the accumulation of resources and potential good, wait until after the good time and then rose up. On the contrary, when the market is particularly hot, want to be a public eye tuyere products, be particularly careful, it is likely that before the product is made, the market began to turn cold.

will affect the judgment of the capital market?


2011, the capital market for Jingdong, customers and other electricity supplier 2 of the entrepreneurial projects in particular sought after. At that time, every guest development is very good, melting a lot of money, but also once came out, it is going to apply for SEC record information listed on the nasdaq. Unfortunately, when the VIE event once Alipay storm also let VIE structure controversial, to the United States two market takes stock of confidence drops to the freezing point, where the customer is affected not listed. When the customer financing is not smooth, the valuation down, many investors began to question the brand electricity supplier is not no? Burn excessive influence financial health? Just because users buy products cheaper? The quality of product is going downhill if >?


these amazing business leaders seem to have some common wunderkind, disruptive innovation, open innovation era, of course, they are to leave the campus, their own business". Xu Dechen was inspired by the hope that he would become China’s Zuckerberg, and his talk on the Internet is the Chinese version of Facebook.

at the same time, "graduation season" is approaching, the country has 6 million 800 thousand college students will soon go out of the school, from the "campus man" to "social man" changes, most of them born in 1990.


this article arranges from FellowPlus founder Guo Yingzhe in science and technology Temple "Zen 7" column in the exclusive share.

"should I go out and finance?"

this month, born in 1994, Xu Dechen just turned 18, and he made the first important decision in life, giving up college entrance exams and starting his own business. In Xu Dechen’s view, "after 90" business, "it’s time."".

is a platform dedicated to dating and dating between China and the United States. It is created by a team with an average age of 19.5. "Our CEO started business when he was 15 years old. He founded two profitable companies in the United States. He returned home at the age of 19 and worked as a director in the global IELTS class. He also worked as an executive president in Changsha." Speaking of another partner, Xu Dechen appreciated, the only difference is that Xu Dechen chose to postpone the University, and he is no longer considering going to college."

VC statistics: most of the good company is up in the capital "winter", they get the money when the environment is good, with appropriate spending and good mentality in the "winter" boil down, the accumulation of resources and potential good, wait until after the good time and then rose up.

"90", the world because of dropouts and wonderful

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passion is very important for entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s not all, but it must be a very important part." Xu Dechen said, "I dare to give up the entrance exam, give up the opportunity to attend foreign universities, because I have confidence in my own business."."


some people say that today is the world of dropouts.

they are the same group, "after 90"".

IPO window period is a very important factor. May feel that the company is far from the stage of listing, and the two market and their not too much correlation. In fact, changes in the two tier market will have a direct impact on your underlying shareholders / potential investors. We know that the investment institutions is personally out of fund-raising, domestic investment institutions are an important class of LP is the A shares of listed companies, dollar fund LP hedge funds, trust funds and so on, they have a very professional financial management, the two level of market volatility is very sensitive.

dropout Steve · in the pursuit of Jobs iPhone; computer and mobile phone, the moment we can not be far away from the dropout Bill · Gates Windows operating system, we use dropout Mark · Zuckerberg dating platform Facebook. The world is more exciting because of the dropouts.

IPO window period

is a dropout,

June 2012, "college entrance examination season", the country has 9 million 150 thousand students into the examination room, in the face of the first turning point in life, most of them born in 1994.

has been a lot of entrepreneurs to ask me how I should go out now in the market, financing at this time? Do you think I can get so much money? Why have these questions, from entrepreneurs to grasp the whole market lack, will not take money to worry about, worry about their losses in valuation. In fact, there is a set of thinking logic behind here, and if entrepreneurs know clearly, there will be a better arrangement for their own business and financing rhythm.

May 18th, Facebook boarded New York NASDAQ Exchange in the global investors, the spirit of Xu Dechen’s idol Mark · Zuckerberg, with a net worth of $13 billion 500 million to become the world’s most young entrepreneurship billionaire.