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now I’ll go back and see what we’ve been dreaming of. It’s still alive and strong day by day, I see his growth, I’m satisfied with their efforts. Preface

         ;   today is my 18 birthday, I think now 90 webmaster has nothing strange, so this is nothing. Do stand for nearly two years, from the age of 16 drop out, unemployed, and then contact the forum, and then to do BBS site, during the experience too much, there are too many feelings, can not be expressed. Only one thing remains the same. I love the Internet, or I love the money in the internet.

, 16 years old, freshman, I think many of my books do not believe it. I skip a grade primary school, junior high school level, so there is no love admitted to the ideal university. I was shocked at home, so I didn’t plan to repeat it. Instead, I found a two institution and went in. Because of the reputation of the school, I chose a more realistic life of professional, CNC integration. Mom said, such a professional, go to Shenzhen or other places can find a job, and the treatment is not bad.

stayed at school for a year and learned nothing except playing computer games, MM. The school did not learn, should not learn to learn. Learned to smoke, learned to drink, learned to stay up all night, learned how to soak MM, and then how to take her to open the room. A lot of things you start to have no intention of learning or want to do, but when your classmates or your roommate did, and there will be reconciled. This young comparison, that is how naive ideas and practices.

I’m tired of learning, I’m tired of my profession, and I’m tired of my school. So I chose to drop out of school and, without consulting my parents, I’m going through all the formalities myself. The school is suspended due to illness in the Department, I leave to retreat, because the dean of our department has been compared to respect me, so I always feel more free and secure to rely on.

just arrived there for two months, my home computer upgraded, from a single core CPU rose to the core, up to 2G 1G memory, 80G hard drive up to 160G, 250M cards up to 512M, in addition to the motherboard, display and chassis, the other I have changed. So this has been in the online game is not wandering, I read novels do not play, I just see about business news every day, because I always want to be a businessman and always feel one day sooner or later will become a businessman. It is now known that it was the brazen narcissism that sprouted out of self expansion. At that time, I felt very simple that I was suitable to be a businessman.

later, I met Xu Yan, a literary forum administrator, heard that he won the two prize in the 08 year of the new concept of national writing contest, but I have been with him so decorum, but also didn’t what good wishes. Young frivolous, let me and a >