f you want to do the website you must do the brand first

has stood for three years, and has some ideas about doing it. Now most of the personal website only for traffic, not pay attention to the quality of the site. To be a successful website, we must start from the domain name, which is the starting point of a brand. Many famous brand domain names have been registered, which is enough to explain this point.

then how to make a brand site? First choose domain name, shopping information network (YeeShop.com) as an example, now Yee + category domain name has been favored by many Internet sites. According to the general Yee homophonic translation for "billion", "easy"; the famous site is Yee Pay (YeePay third party payment site before three), Yee Yoo (eFriendsNet – large social networking sites), Yee Jee (100 million net – a large social networking site, Yee (Yan) – Yeeyan the translation class Yee (Xing), portal and world travel website – rookie). I’m going to do a web themed website, and Yee + Shop is my first choice.

many people choose to form a domain name registration letters and numbers, if the number is in 4 the following can also be easy to remember, such as "265G". If more than 5, I would like to avoid, a bad memory, and the other is to influence the formation of a brand.

domain name selection is good, we should give it value. Without artificial value, YAHOO is just a junk domain name. So I gave my domain name a value "YeeShop" for the online shopping, "Wow, look, how style, although it’s just a garbage station, but definitely can flicker.".

in this regard, Vancl is doing very well, VANCL has made a brand. I predict that in the near future, VANCL will launch the "VANCL" brand shirts, wait and see!


for the future development, I want to make YeeShop a brand, wearing "YeeShop" brand shirts, cool,


from now on, plan your domain name and give it brand value, then you are not far from success,