Talk about my contact A5 webmaster net six months of some feelings

Hello! HD TV website today’s development cannot do without A5 with half a year ago! A chance, let me meet on the A5 site, which began to seem to find yourself cannot do without Admin5, when the Internet every day, will make her unable to restrain the emotions, a little feel below I talk to

in the first half of this year!

a never writing online or rarely write me, began to fall in love with writing, because I met on the site that I have the momentum, after all, writing is a very difficult and time consuming one thing, but A5 has deeply changed me! Don’t say very much also, a week to write one or two articles or so easily! Here’s the first half of this year to my feelings for A5! And I hope to help you!

Working rules of

about A5 people! The general language fluency, in accordance with the facts of the case, will be through, from this we can see that the A5 value of the original edition, is the webmaster, a word play out, also hope that the article was by the sweat, but also hope to return is every webmaster to write articles, but also understand the editor of our heart, we review the original article! And reject plagiarism article through, if the copy of the article can also pass, then the original article webmaster would suffer, after all, the original need to sweat! The editor work fair, fair and open


talk about A5 person’s tolerance! Generally popularity did not know how to write, but I just last month. A few station transaction information, it is about the writing: "webmaster imitation Admin5 pages, Admin5 imitation webmaster trading platform, imitation Admin5 stationmaster net template, imitation Admin5 website source". This information actually appeared in the ADMIN5 Adsense Trading Forum, explains what? How can the audit transaction information imitate their website? We can see here, the A5 team doing things very atmosphere! It is generous temperament! I do not know right to judge, I hope you! Maybe, webmaster in order to service we review the transaction information, and how to imitate the

?!People love to talk about A5

! How about this topic? I wrote that article, found the problem, sometimes I was at 6 in the morning to write the article, suddenly to 7 o’clock in the morning passed the audit, too fast! I have 12 at night, continue to write the article, or editors in after 12! So from this time to write the article, I can see that the A5 team too much time to the A5 website, in order to serve the people, in order to A5 brand to A5 team and more sweat! So here, we want you to say hard "


, talk about the advantages of the A5 website. Is A5 worth 1 million? Is it worth 10 million? I don’t know the price here, so I don’t talk about the price, but I’m the only one