Wendy teach you how to make the soft writing attractive

throughout the Internet now, you will find that, whether large or small, whether portal or personal blog, whether it is entertainment or commercial website, more or less there will be some soft, soft Wen is the most popular this year seems to be the most effective cost saving the best way of publicity.

below, Wendy and friends together to explore how to make soft Wen write attractive, how to let soft Wen bring you business value. I think in order to write a successful and attractive article, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. to create a good reputation

some webmaster through soft Wen "trick" Internet users to bring you IP, but it is unlikely to bring you real business value. Some webmaster usually for their own certain articles click high and smug for some time, but slowly found that the amount of clicks so high, why not bring a few real customers?


in fact, you write the article, tell the browser: "my website has what you need or interested in, enough.". To make sustainable development site, is very important to create a good reputation, avoid false propaganda, see the article we hope to go, but to the two hundred percent disappointment, later want to let them go hard, you have to customers with exaggeration, "not credible" concept.

2. can not blindly pursue IP multi

each site has a different location with different target users. IP is the same, there are some things we need, we don’t need, if we specialize in business services business website, one day due to a keyword that brought tens of thousands of IP, we may get the host access slow, even access, consume a lot of bandwidth and server resources, almost no good for what we. Soft Wen brings the flow is also so, some traffic is what we are eager to get, some are dispensable, some are completely useless (this is not accurate, at least let our website statistics looks better).

3. became the target customer


are you sure you want to write this article, want to know, who is your target customers? Why do you want to write this article? Who will see? Why? What can I see? Must aim at the target customers, according to the target of the stomach to write, so as to get the target customers preferences. For example, you write for the portal, you can not write like entertainment gossip, like the news network, you can not change to sing Allegro to sing a sample. Understand the customer, know the customer appetite, stand in the customer perspective, they can write for the target of the article, in order to bring business opportunities.

4. publicity methods


isolate with the society, I think you are a genius is also very difficult to be discovered by society, reuse, so soft, a good article also cannot be separated from the public view, space and Internet articles how success can be.