Achievement margin

said I was a student, with a small, he is a technology of absolutely ignorant of people, in August 07, when it is summer, the Internet inadvertently met a man brought me into a profitable industry network to.

step by step to teach me to do from the domain name to the space station, from the analysis to upload, from HTML to CMS, so that no technology, I start with a stop at the scene, a chirping sound in the head, from the beginning of the idea of building site to SEO, really, very excited, I am very clear remember these processes, a CN started to buy corn, and a 100M space, spent 76 yuan, 75 yuan of space, 1 yuan


slowly familiar with the website, Empire, DEDE, discuz all is so mysterious, then a DEDECMS, I have to use FTP to upload a few times, I was taking out the helpless, always help me delete things, oh, I believe everyone is so over. I said, or to compare food… Probably more than a week, I chose WP, a very good BLOG program, made a blog.


I stand because SEO do good, plus the QQ bookmarks help in the official website tenth days, IP1700+ days, PV million, very excited, friends help make me very grateful, but also because he brought me here, the results of CHANET network, a good advertising alliance /p>.

familiar with the results of net profit model, according to their website on advertising, the effect is good, because the final graduation exam, so wasted some time, the website has not been updated, no promotion, flow down, less money, but I know that in the near future, will flow up at that time, what’s not to


07 years in November, graduate I want to find a job, give results network to send a resume, no two days from Shanghai headquarters to the phone, so I went to Beijing for an interview, said there was electronic commerce department to Beijing, second days I went to buy a ticket, with an elaborate resume to the results of Beijing branch to attend an interview. There is also had the honor to see the results of CEO water ocean, perhaps because he had not graduated, exercise is not enough, was a bit silly, which is what electronic commerce department ah, CEO to I tried, I 4 a personal interview, I am nervous very passive to answer a few questions for an interview in the end… Results, needless to say, an e-mail asking about, there is no record of my.

came back after serious thought, found himself very tender, is really not enough exercise, but if it needs to be improved! Let me go to work, some may not adapt, because the houses are basically girls, do not know what to do, not how to dealing with women


results of three anniversary of their stations have been built for half a year, 0>