How to use the good forum this network dissemination of grassroots weapon

day before and the world factory workers are discussed on how to do marketing forum on this topic, we have gained the chunqiangshezhan. Summed up some of the experience, the following share with you. The forum is no ordinary people can speak equal place, so many civilians forum initially seemed to have no newsworthy events to take root here, has become a hot netizens concern, but also because of the forum and the rapidly expanding influence, has become a hot spot.

in the forum veteran comrades long is not difficult to find such a phenomenon: people or things in the forum can quickly fire up not deviant, is "shocking", they usually do not have the traditional understanding of news value. For example: "Sister Lotus", "Xi Li Ge", such as "peek-a-boo" event etc.. In the forum, paranoid voice, controversial topics are often easier to grow, the public just said, both sides just said, this topic has aroused public attention in speaking, the event quickly fired red. Although the credibility of the information inside the forum is far from the news, but want a quick and large area to let people know an event, using BBS to spread will get better results.

"forum marketing" is a forum for enterprises to use this kind of network communication platform, through text, pictures, video and other ways to release the company’s products, services and information, so as to make the target customers more profound understanding of the enterprise products and services. Eventually achieve enterprise publicity enterprise brand, deepen the market awareness of network marketing activities. So, how should we do BBS marketing well,


choose the right forum. A propaganda forum to choose to have your potential customers in the Forum; the two is to choose the popular forums, but popular also have flaws, because the post was soon eclipsed by other posts; three is to choose a forum signature function; four is to choose to have the link function of the forum. In addition, you should also select the appropriate forum and make good use of your head and signature. Avatar can be specially designed to promote their own brand, signature can add their own site introduction and connection.

has a clever title. Marketing theme is more important, but also to carry out the promotion of the key to the Forum; planning theme if it is better, without effort, you can achieve the desired results. The title of the title is "knock brick", it determines the click rate of 50%, so the title must consider how to attract new eyes, to stand in the perspective of Internet users to look at the problem. The title must be shocking or make people feel particularly curious, best can be combined with the network hot topic, or have a certain meaning or ambiguity, let readers have doubts and further to get the answer, should try to avoid the use of ordinary news headlines.

content must have a certain level, there can be discussed, after the net friend looked, feel that there is something to say. Forum promotion has been very hot at this stage, users are fully aware of the purpose of BBS promotion. Content is not controversial, people are just a look over, and rarely leave a word phrase!