The 10 reason why users abandon your web site is the key to staying attractive


10 reasons why

users throw away your web site

attracts users to browse your web site itself, because there are a lot of sites on the web. Allowing users to have enough time to stay on your site is another issue for website operations. Keeping your website attractive to users is key. As long as your website is attractive, there is little difficulty in shaping, selling, promoting, and building influence.

here are a number of reasons why users throw away your web site. Each site is different, more or less have their own problems, there are advantages, but also shortcomings. Therefore, the reasons why users choose not to browse are not the same. After these reasons, we also give some suggestions to deal with.

1. reads slow

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users don’t want to browse your site is read slowly, we are in a fast-paced society, no matter what it takes, do what we all hope is immediately on the Internet — especially in the world. You give me 5 seconds, let me wait for the progress of the website to read, but also as well give me 5 seconds, I easily open Google, and then find a similar site?. Slow reading costs the potential users and ends up losing you.

The speed of the

network continues to grow, and the size of the site is growing. Now, some people might think, "the Internet is getting faster and faster, so I can make my website a little bigger."". Isn’t that a good idea? Why? Because you installed fiber in Shanghai. Do the users of the Republic of Tanzania in great Africa have fiber optics?

when I’m bored, my favorite thing to do is to lose weight on my website". For some personal reasons, I want my website to read quickly. This is probably what every developer likes to do, and it’s also a major concern for web owners. You can check your website’s speed by Google, s, Page, Spped, Analyzer, or Pingdorn Website Speed Tester

2. advertising too much,

, this kind of website / passing through this street 2. is really a kind of visual pollution, no one will be interested in browsing the contents of

and read slowly and more annoying things? Yes, that is the site filled with every kind of advertisement, I don’t believe it’s people love to see the ads, what shampoo, best-selling books, advertisements and so on hollow lace, people looked to turn off. But nowadays, it is impossible to want to surf the Internet without seeing advertisements. Advertising is also a source of profit for some websites. I’m not saying you’re going to remove all of your ads, but make sure you limit your ads