Network competition is fierce how does individual stationmaster live

the arrival of the financial crisis, so that all industries have realized that as long as life is victory. In the network, every day there are countless new sites, there are countless sites down, then how should individual webmaster survive in such a fierce competition,


first analysis of personal Adsense profits and income threats:

1, too many webmaster, monk soup less.

2, the financial crisis, the external environment is bad, greatly reducing the influx of Internet hot money.

3, traffic does not have its own control – squeezed in the hands of Baidu and GG.

4, copyright today, tomorrow, vulgar, it is difficult for people to do web sites.

After the

analysis, what should we do:

first, adjust their mentality, much money I don’t go to places, reduce competition. Don’t say what stand and do so many people, you are not willing to use your head. Look at this station, movie network, TV network all right, like broken all my money, just concentrate on doing a drama station or a minority, although access to people is limited, competition is small, it is pleasant.

second, stick to their ideals, to tighten their belts and continue to struggle. Try to overcome the difficulties in front of you. Keep it up. Tomorrow is fine. Don’t die tonight.

third, Baidu don’t worry about personal gains and losses to make its own characteristics, all day, do not rely on the engine, IP itself, is really to.

fourth, want to do the site, please do seriously, do not touch the ball, not in violation of relevant regulations, do a Chinese characteristics of the station.