Net editing experience doing two things

recently posted several articles on admin5. Some friends network editor group, curiously asked me, as a web editor why frequently on the website of the development of great emotion, in fact, I think, as a web editor, whether it is work in the work site or in small sites, ought to pay attention to the website development, because of the work with the web editor itself is not divided, not only the work limitation to the content of the information concerned above, otherwise it is easy to cause "behind closed doors" situation.

below, I will point out from the network point of view, my views on the development of the site.

first, whatever is good for the website, be sure to stick to it.

any thing that is beneficial to the development of the website, website development should depend on oneself as well as the user. This is the eternal truth. There are many things that are good for the web. We take the website of foreign cooperation, cooperation is a way to improve the website brand, we can see the care network "on the graduates how to deal with the recruitment trap" of the topic, has collaborated with many websites, this shows that international cooperation is a good thing for the development of the website, but such things, some go to work.

is advantageous to the website development thing, is insisting, but does not have to be restrained!


second, any products that are favorable to customers must be carefully introduced.

there is no free breakfast, no breakfast, no free meals every day. The establishment of any website is to make money for the purpose. The website that does not make money for the purpose is immoral, because does not have the fund to be backed up, how can she better provide the good service for the user?.

website to make money, to develop, you have to launch products, from the basic membership fees to talk about, like this is the Internet’s oldest charging mode. After the site launched the service, in general, is not very serious. But there is another situation. That’s the new product that someone else doesn’t have, or learn from someone else. Not suitable for this site?. Therefore, we should be extremely careful on this issue.

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