Talk about the development of local station from the view of the effectiveness of the plan

Objective: a few days ago in Henan webmaster, that graph king in the QQ group to explain and share strategies and experience on the website promotion, so attracted to figure the king’s personal charm and extraordinary, 20 minutes, one can accommodate 200 people in the group instantaneously full, everybody or joy or, passion, or wandering let his words rolling in the group……

Wang said finally, still that a few strokes, people could not help but think of Wang Tong, perhaps the success of the Internet refining is your basic skills, just at that time, the company has something to deal with, when back beside the computer, has been found out that graph king T. Unfortunately, I would like to talk about my views on the local station. It seems that it can only be published in this form.

innovation and technology will show the future of mankind, and the ever-changing computer science will bring infinite possibilities to the work and life of mankind. This problem always linger in the seven mind, because of the local information in the station I is not only for tomorrow, but tomorrow.

is on the Internet to study local IT station staff, I should not only actively explore the unknown, I led the team to develop innovative technology, hatching innovation, but also let more people understand the innovation and research impact on human beings, the impact of the Internet and change tomorrow, bring more people to participate in the construction of peace harmonious society, cooperation and progress in science and technology.

I hope that through this article, I can build close communication bridges with professionals and IT enthusiasts. Through the station network interactive platform, we can timely to share the latest research results of the seven, understand the local area of excellence website, we appreciate the team of young people in the research and exploration in the growing experience.

how many day and night, I have been suffering, has been struggling to think about a problem, that is how to make network information, life. How to make these technology products from the people, for the people. From the network of contacts that moment, I was determined to have a as in the network, through self efforts to drive people around to create this dream, only a short while ago, I go to the Jiangshan Technology Forum never listen to the expert, although passion but cannot withstand a single blow after several twists and turns, I am tired. I think a compromise, in the moment of day and night to realize this circle too impetuous.

sink for a year, the idea once again emerge, still still so tough, still still so full of confidence and expectations. The development of information leads us to pursue the pace, let us join hands and change the future of mankind with technology!


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