The type of four garbage stations

in this era, the spread of a website is a normal thing, but a lot of people are doing the so-called "dump" although the number of sites are in a geometric ratio generally increases, but the quality is still so low, there are few to highlight the website based.

1, content obsolete website

this site generally the enterprise website mostly, and no matter at what time you go to see him, he is also the same time may be N years ago, and never updated, dead

2, seduction of

with porn and free

in this era, we Chinese people love most is "porn" and "free", many websites use this gimmick to do the theme, but also include some portals, they use these to attract some users to watch, some people said: "we all love". But is that really true? What I want to say is that although some websites have such signs, they go into the window and other things, and some websites even play it at once. This website will make people feel cool? Actually do a little better in the website, after all, this is not a permanent solution.

3, advertising content of the website

a lot of Web site traffic is not much, but it is still more than advertising, websites such as the interests of the time, let the site into a doomed eternally point, you may find in the N long time did not find the content they need, which in addition to advertising or advertising, this website will die. For example, there is no an ad, you can wait for the traffic flow at a higher point hanging advertising, although the users dislike advertising, but a small amount of advertising is not needed, webmasters may also need to make money

4, cheating site

search engine vulnerabilities, leading to the existence of cheating, relying on malicious accumulation of keywords website, or do some black hat SEO approach. Access to the site ranked first, such a site is the first "rape" of the user’s eyes, followed by the impact of the network of this environment. Even if such a web site exists, users do not report you, the search engine will always be a little bit of K you will lose