How long can live video fire Why is it better for some companies

live video recently very popular: in 2015, Twitter acquired video broadcast services company Periscope; soon, the release of Meerkat has achieved great success in the SXSW Music Festival, in addition to many other video broadcast services, including Facebook Live.

, however, a year after the initial success of Meerkat, its CEO Ben Rubin recently announced that it will terminate the live video service, and the focus shifted to become a video social networking site. Details of the new social network is not clear, we look at the evolution of the Meerkat, you may find the development direction of the video broadcast.

What happened to

? What can it tell us about this industry?

wrong? Why do like Meerkat concern, creative quality products did not get what it wants? Why didn’t it be used by most people? Why didn’t it become the people daily real-time live their daily lives App


BenRubin wrote a letter to investors to explain this. He believes that the main reason is the two large game player in the field (owned by Twitter Periscope and Facebook Live) relatively intense competition; for the mass market, the added value of live video is not clear. Although celebrities and media missions have begun to use live video, many people still do not understand why they want to live their own real life to others. These people don’t really know what a "good" video broadcast is.

added that the value of the live broadcast is more obvious for influential people and the media, especially when it comes to large events. But the network red capacity is too small, it can not be used as a majority of people use App, and Meerkat is designed to become a majority of people involved in the App.

at the end of the letter, he pointed out that the fact that a limited number of users involved in the industry is highly competitive, it is difficult for the user to continue to grow. The problem is, in the long run can easily extend the live video to any company? Don’t live video itself is not suitable for most people? Or a new generation of viewers don’t love to watch random, visibility is not high, only love reality show, ISIS killings and Kim · Kardashian

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a better chance for some companies,


on Monday, September 14, 2015, Mark · released the first live video on Facebook HQ.