Wang Tong a site with a conversion rate of up to 33%


Saturday micro class is for our entry-level students do an online education website, charge is very low, 360 yuan a year, which put more than a dozen video tutorials.

registered 27 people on the same day, automatically traded 9 people, the conversion rate of up to 33%

, the online education website, is a fully automated learning platform:

1, active promotion:

each student can distribute and automatically count through a hyperlink. We adopt a bipolar distribution system that distributes most of the revenue to the recommender.

2, automatic charge

After the

user registration, the need to pay to see a lot of premium video tutorials, support PC and mobile phone payment, WeChat and paypal can.

3, automatic instruction,

will continue to upload new video tutorials, students, whether in the mobile phone or computer, anytime, anywhere can watch video learning, very convenient.

remember, this site just on-line, the conversion rate is 18%, is also a very high proportion, I let Hong Rong a few days ago after registration added a clinch a deal page, immediately promoted to 33%.

this is a very good micro business learning platform, but I do not have the time and effort to operate, I hope to find a resource, energetic, experienced people to cooperate.

in terms of cooperation, I am willing to let the majority of interests go out, so that operators benefit.

want to cooperate, please add my WeChat: Tongwang (this WeChat friend is full, add people, need to delete some to add new friends, plus mine, please send your resources and simple operation plan)

if you want to experience this site, there are several ways:

method 1, open in browser:

method 2, click open, register experience

, if you have any good suggestions, you can leave a message at the end of the article.