Wave no talk about webmaster do station mentality

Objective: to discuss the

website ranking and optimization problem with one of my friends in the network last night, this is referred to as my friend 9 brother! (oh, probably because he is younger than me) 9 brother rich, some of these efforts as we do stand webmaster do not care about the ranking of these stations. Is he not only love only love to do some good and good standing over the money to buy myself, in his words, " no, so little money ". Here we will certainly say that money doesn’t mean you bought the station in your hand can be discharged after optimization is good, right ah, I was just such a view, the fact is that he bought one station from the Baidu first in just 1 months dropped to tenth name. (received several stations) to tell the truth, not a fancy ranking just bought for him to buy these stations, but let it rank a strength, he is not comfortable, not to talk about money, personally felt sad, afterwards he also admitted that he was a bit depressed the ranking dropped the case! Of course it also cannot blame him, Baidu said this thing is not good, there are also some luck!

, why do I mention this? Well, that’s what I really want to say, ". ". No matter what you do, I think it’s important. I remember I used to do a game station, because do not understand what the optimization on the site, I completely is a network of friends to help me, when the site through her guidance and my efforts in just 1 weeks on the row to the first page of Baidu ninth, was very happy, may because the site has been thinking about row up, she asked me to do something I didn’t do too seriously, think this will stand in a line to go up, then the results can be dizzy with success, then I think, plus the chaos to link (K is) stand out, when really is very depressed, why would fall, the question I asked her N repeatedly asked her what time to rush, she said I didn’t listen, think it no longer! Also included a few times, it can be seen from several times, I was If the flat mentality, has always insisted on some updates itself and external content on the station, the station was certainly not now like this! Just about three months before making a release of your station, I have a friend who told me the same day the domain name registration, the same do is a type of release station, is the same as the program, but he collected my not included, I felt a little depressed, but learn from the previous experience I still keep the update every day I need to work, in about 20 days after the final or included, and try to do Baidu seventh the name of the position, at this time made a mistake, because the site has just been included suddenly rushed to the seventh, and included on the same day by some vile attack, leading to the site shut down 12 hours, and Because of the server site stopped for nearly 2 hours, so I chose to sell the station, coupled with 9 brother’s non-stop selling, no way on-line third days after the station will be 1W>