E car after car collapse behind Bo Pai don’t burn to burn

"understanding for so long, the first time to say goodbye", is Bo Pai to keep a car in a April 5th article in public release.

"this is a sad news text, this time there are no benefits, no promotion, no gifts, this is the number of public car Bo Pai last push."

is the car to leave the Bo pai.

had high valuation of $600 million to the car and car maintenance service as the main Bo Pai car officially announced bankrupt.


2014, 2015 years, with the rise of mobile Internet, the concept of O2O outbreak, the car door O2O service has been quickly spread throughout the Internet car services, car free from the car, the car, the way tiger little to e maintenance, and after the collapse of the e car wash, car wash, car wash market Yi Kung Fu there is more, you do not call on the name of the brand, to keep a car from the burn O2O service started, finally finally killed one by one in the car wash O2O.

Don’t burn burn behind

in the market, the car had Bo Pai have been faced with what


financing failure, capital failure

business model can not successfully established before, with a "burning" quickly gather users more than Bo Pai car, the car is also more than O2O, when it comes to the Internet industry, seems to be more or less a bit of "burning", is about to occupy a certain priority right to speak.

unfortunately, due to financing failures, capital failures burning money also abound.

was founded in November 2014, Bo Pai car of the month will get ten million level A round of financing, then again won the B $18 million round of financing, a time to stand into the car in front of the field of O2O.

is lower than the market price of half of the instant service covering 22 city, car CEO Bo Pai once boasted: home wash brand will fall down a large, and we plan to C wheel will achieve market harvest (non original Oh), low price, fast pace, and in December 2015 the car will have bo Pai, full stop business.

doesn’t have a groundbreaking business model,

straight white point, that is, not yet think how to make money, and then spread the money to draw users. See the user is cheap to make, few have heard from you, as the platform of life and death, also want to give the user a charity kernel? Didn’t you play "the loss of a supporter of the curse of


said we single door car wash, car door, car and car would need a complete set of facilities and tools, has never been a person with a brush can do, so to keep a car O2O, essentially has a high cost of the "O2O" property.