How to add a good title to the article share the soft Wen title of the 4 kinds of writing

a lot of people, so, how to write text? Especially the title of the article how to write an article? Want to get attention, the title is particularly important, the content can be less attractive, but a catchy title can bring more hits, 4 written below Nanjing do companies forge ahead SEO summed up the soft Wen title for everyone.

soft Wen title of writing, 1, small and exquisite law,

short title, the general idea of the article briefly, this method many people use, especially some famous people are using this, as a large portal, also used this method, this method can reduce the visitor’s guess, one can see that the title is to find their own content this method of writing the title, there is a drawback is that, often have the feeling of not.

soft Wen title of writing 2, psychological suggestion method

according to the psychology of most visitors love to judge what kind of content, as well as their search keywords, combined with the contents of the article, the design of a combination of A and B seem to be near the title, told a visitor information through the title: This is what you’re looking for content. This kind of information has become more and more popular in recent years. To foretell the feeling.

soft Wen title of writing, 3, simple practical method

a simple article, whether it is good or bad, love are very popular with visitors, this is because when visitors read the article what you read, what to read, but not confused, looks like I just read an article, the title seems to bluff and so on this idea, cook what dish with what oil, simple and easy to understand, simple articles with a simple title, let others look at the title writing is what, for they have not used this method for some famous people.

soft Wen title of writing 4, alternative creative method

The combination of creative and practical

is the best marketing way in today’s society, the same writing is the same, with full of creative titles are often very attractive, but the article is to ensure that there are practical things, valuable knowledge can be learned, creative and practical combination is the most perfect, so that visitors have a surprise, personally think that this method is the best method to write text, is also speculation practical ideas.

of course, in addition to the above 4 kinds of soft Wen title is written, you can go to study those posts in various forums click rate, how to write and see their titles, constantly sum up learning, I believe that one day, you can also become a senior writer.

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