A thorough discussion of friendship link exchange

1. What is a link


link refers to each other in their own web site on the other side of the web link. You have to find the URL and the name of the site in the page code, and when you browse the web, you can display the name of the site, which is called a link. Emphasize the essence of friendship link is resource sharing, must reflect friendship.

two, the benefits of links

The advantage of

links is not how much direct access you can give your site, but because it allows search engines to include more of your web pages. Authoritative survey shows that 80% of the world’s Web site, their access to 70%-90% is from the search engine, therefore, to search engines to include more web pages, is to improve the number of visits to the site the most effective way.

link popularity, that is, the number of sites linked to the site, is the search engine rankings to consider a very important factor. That is to say, the more the number of site links, the higher the level of the link.

three, how to find links

here recommend Webmaster Help network link exchange platform, as well as QQ group and so on

four, links exchange notes

1, Links to three: correlation, andauthoritative

web content and relevance, andauthoritative are inextricably related, the emphasis here not because the site progress will remove the other link, that in a certain range of time don’t delete link.

The cornerstone of

links for web content with the current situation, the link requirements will change, namely the so-called correlation, associated with the close contact is good, the best is complementary, such as my thesis network (www.china-k.net) and journal Chinese (www.qikancn.com) is the best example, because to engage in academic research, finally the purpose is to publish, to the benefit of mankind, correlation and needless to say, the content of complementary obvious to people.

as for sustainability, not only in time, but also in collaboration, there may be other cross links, advertising, and even customer sharing. The so-called continuity, and is in fact with their own web site link requirements vary greatly, before you can remove, but the user experience is not good or included in the problem.

authority, the accounting and journal China is the two new sites, basically no personal website what authority, which can be examined from the content included the number, PR, and outside the chain, domain name time, flow and other aspects, but the fundamental one, whether the site content.

2, link tool

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