14 design proposals for increasing Banner ad click rate

although the Internet has developed rapidly, but the use of Banner to promote products, is still king.

many companies have adopted this form of publicity, a lot of advantages: cheap, effective monitoring, effective.

now, suppose you have a client to help you design a Banner ad, how do you design it? How do you increase the click rate of advertising?

will detail the 14 recommendations for Banner design below.

1. selects the most effective Banner size


according to Google ads, the best Banner size is:

336× 280

300× 250

728× 90

160× 600

ideally, if the customer is not limited to space, then Banner can be designed according to the size above.

2. distinct


company Logo:Canon selling point: special offer, new starting

Banner design first to understand, but also the most important thing is: the purpose of the design is to enhance brand awareness, improve website traffic. The general Banner consists of 3 parts:

logo: Logo design must be able to enhance brand awareness. Visually, let Logo stand out among the many elements of Banner.

value is dominant: popular speaking, through the product / service selling point to attract users to consume, "selling point" is "value oriented."". Is the main quality? Or the main "discount"? Is the main "special" or "limited?" buy one get one? This part generally occupy most of the space of Banner, but also to attract the attention of the user.

behavior calls: usually composed of text or buttons, such as "point me", "know more", "register now", "now watch"". The call of action is the visual focus of the Banner ad, which enables visitors to click deep into

3. to simplify


The simpler the

design, the clearer the content, the faster the user can see the Banner ad.

4. uses the button




button increases the click rate and effectively causes calls. >