Bird Luantan ministries faith Tomb sweeping Day


tomorrow is Chinese traditional festival Tomb-sweeping Day, in the old thoughts at the same time, do not know whether the webmaster will result three months on 08 years ago? The twinkling of an eye has arrived in April, 08 years in the quarrel and noise has gone through 1/4, whether it is traffic, included or income, the big birds do not know whether the owners are satisfied.


about income, I believe many rely on Internet fortune old webmaster, most of them played ball, and money from the beginning of the SP short message, to induce registration, later induced download, Adult supplies Monopoly and so on, many people gave huge profits, but the news yesterday: "national 7 ministries remediation of contraband illegal online transaction, the message said: the centralized regulation, industry and commerce departments responsible for the implementation of close supervision on online advertising, once found illegal sale website, immediately notify the telecommunications department banned websites.


such a news, actually indirectly tell the webmaster, in the choice of advertising at the same time, we must pay strict attention to the content, do not involve site trouble, and to make the product, do e-commerce at the same time, we must also pay attention to the quality of the product channels.


now many owners are actively exploring new profit model, after all, now is the low tide of the Internet, a variety of policy restrictions, advertising fees owed, industry rules lead to confusion, many owners have lost the passion and confidence on the website, today a "do stand if condensed into four words keep the faith:", as a webmaster’s point of view, inspire us to continue efforts.


faith is not only a slogan, but also a difficult process, such a process, certainly with hardship, pain, anxiety, apprehension and so on, but stick with it, stick to your faith, will harvest the fruits.


In fact,

is also a kind of persistent belief, now a lot of friends used when the fence, today to see the entertainment station flow easy to do, immediately on the entertainment station, see the movie station like income tomorrow, and actively buy a space a movie station, the day after tomorrow want to do XX first prompted by a sudden impulse community, hurried down the DZ the forum into space.


loneliness and defensible resources, and finally to have as big, Admin5 webmaster before had once dropped by Baidu K domain name, with a bunch of people’s unremitting efforts to have the scale of today, so keep the words of faith, worth pondering.



Station Network hosted the first online Qingming memorial activities in Tomb-sweeping Day period, called the webmaster of patriotism and national spirit, the memory of national heroes valiant record, vigorously promote.