Analysis of the value and nspiration of sina micro magazine to webmaster

What is the use of sina

micro journal to me? What operation? How to increase circulation? Can be used to do site promotion? In the face of sina this "tepid" products, as a webmaster blog, 39 can think of is that these series of problems with "self-interest". Micro publication has a certain time, the Baidu index for the first half of a downward trend, the peak is only about five hundred, and now average at around three hundred or four hundred, what is the meaning of micro publications exist?

is the issue of micro electronic magazine is published?? media? Or personal show? Official micro journal is "interest dimension of content aggregation and reading platform based on". Micro journal there are three important elements: an element of "interest", means that the content is of interest from the perspective of classification according to the label and interest information content; one factor is the main issue ", published by Journal of micro main carding operation content, micro journal, will be interested in the content or category integration; the other factor is the" Browse ", through the micro platform discovery, subscription and publication of reading content of interest. In this sense, micro publications are still essentially social based on interest.

"micro publication" is a new product, the industry has not yet been similar products". Why use


1, fragmentation of information integration: the publication of an interest category content can be aggregated into micro journals, users can subscribe to micro publications. Entry into micro journals is the aggregation of relevant information about a particular kind of interest. Micro-blog’s information stream is updated according to user concerns and updates, showing that users are likely to miss the information they are interested in or interested in.

2, micro-blog information dissemination platform: Micro publication powerful content acquisition function is basically enough to help users quickly, simple and convenient creation and operation of their own micro publications. On the one hand, setting personal preferences, the system will recommend accurate and matching content. On the other hand, install bookmarks column extract tool, enter the page, drag to browser bookmarks column, you can easily extract articles.

3, easy to interest content Subscriptions: mouse moved to the picture, there will be "acquisition", "like", "comment" and other interactive buttons, easy to participate in interaction.

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1, micro publication is an information pipeline

micro-blog, micro bar, micro magazine, Sina many applications are finishing information, and hope that the effective and valuable correct output. If micro-blog, micro and micro magazines are regarded as the pipeline of information transmission, then their difference is that the information source is different. Micro-blog is the source of individual / individual, because the individual thinking, emotional rich and diverse, so the information produced by micro-blog is also diverse, fragmented, content is not targeted, not enough focus. Micro bar exactly like Baidu paste variant, the resulting information clutter, low value content, for now, is an unsuccessful application. And micro publication is different, based on the interest as the focus of information, each micro journal positioning is single, the target audience is single, all are social with interest, therefore information >