About the Ministry of filing face verification concerns

had heard the record to go to IDC for the record, but it was still a long time, want to, ah, who is going to face verification record! Huge tolls do not say, there should be a lot of people do not think of personal privacy! Did not expect today to see Chinaz, a news article is the.

let’s talk about my personal experience, before the original people fail, because of the space on the other side, so the record to find them. (I have the record number). So you have to find them for the record filing Commissioner! So the account number and password to them, then the password has not changed then. Half a month after the record success! When the primitive failures make you think: with vigour and vitality, ah Lao Tzu website can not access. Depressed dead! Who knows this is trivial. The really hard in the back, then I wanted to do a local information website www.imlzx.com IDC for the record, I found a serious problem I! Record account password wrong. It is because of the faint! Use the 56 mailbox. So the account password can’t back then silly.


Chinaz Shandong group asked a meal that you can call the Shandong Communications Authority (be it, forget the name) and then call. In which MM help finally retrieve your password, then think: who said the civil service attitude is not good, you see people work attitude is good! The specific processes have forgotten, but I can think of to everyone! Seem to provide account number, name, ID number, and your registered email address. Is it! Or else can take a copy of your identity card issued to him who can find your account specific to the password! Not too clear, the need to be in search of


record to make verification scheme I couldn’t help thinking that if I encounter. Because of the need to provide identity photos, personal photos and so on a series of privacy content in IDC over there! Keep it, or not to save, but after IDC.IDC. There appears of problem. If you let those criminals to use. After that there are problems? Produced by the loss to which side? Is owned by the user or by IDC or the Ministry? (specific will have those losses, I will not say. The Church of the junk, let us produce unnecessary losses!)

give you a suggestion! When the site get the record must go to a regular IDC. For the record, the record will have to spend money, you don’t have that point. Simply find more trustworthy IDC. Let yourself regret it later,.

at the same time to remind each IDC, I hope you can take care of our webmaster information, do not be taken to heart!


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