Grassroots webmaster please calm thinking Continued

yesterday in Webmaster net hair an article: Grassroots webmaster please calm thinking;

came up today to answer more than 10 comments, huh?. Thank you friends comment! This netizen comments write personal views are as follows: 5 floor users: Niuzi (116.21.161.*), please comment on the Internet to find, first of all, write pure belong to the grassroots exchanges, please don’t speak LiV3 kazakhstan. Understand, hooray, heh heh.. To your net friend’s comment, I want to say is: 1., from 02 years to the present Baidu change, do not know how much you know! 2., at that time is not grassroots help hang code ~ ~ have today’s Baidu,


first, I also mentioned in the reply, the search engine, especially we are referring to Baidu, if even the basic rules and regulations are not, it can be called the company? Who are the rules of the development of our national policy of immutable and frozen? Not often change? Such as if the twenty-first Century law? The law is still in the 50.60’s, the community was so messy. The rule change is in order to adapt to the rapid development of science and technology economy today the market demand, and market competition is an inevitable, only in this way, the company’s performance will be improved, but also to expand the brand, but the rule is dead, people are living on. Rule is a person’s behavior rather than a person, this person is another group in order to regulate the rules and regulations can not adapt to the time when the current development, should try to change the rules, so that there will be a sound rules. Second, we must first understand a truth, Baidu is not a charity organization, there is no legal provisions which it is obliged to the grassroots webmaster service, if you accept this sentence, then you say "grassroots help hang code" this view does not exist, then, even if this thing hanging code yes, I would like to ask: why to go to the grassroots code? The answers will know what it is? Do you give me, I give you good, this is a kind of cooperation, you have no obligation to go with it hanging code ah, why do you hang? Who can not understand. Understanding out ~ thank you in the comments below..

and other users say I’m a Baidu drag.. HOHO…. I want to be working in Baidu now. Do I have time to talk to you all the time? Thank you all the same, haha. I’ve been up for work one day. I’ll treat you to dinner.. Hey。。。 In addition, the recent report is Baidu’s bidding business management issues, and this should be nothing with our grassroots webmaster

great relationship? There should be some grassroots webmaster Baidu advertising, there is another saying, after all, Baidu still has the loopholes in management, but no matter how, as Lee said, rectifies the good great Y! If Baidu really can change this to us the webmaster is a good thing, but not as many as the webmaster to join what anti Union, like the original coral, a lot of people to join, but we.