A bit of thinking before the new station line

is currently China development of high-speed Internet, every day tens of thousands of new sites was born, and at the same time every day there are tens of thousands of websites, how to make your site stand tall, in the billowing waves and even the development, I think the line on the site before, it is necessary to consider the webmaster, exactly what to think, here to share a bit of my stand experience.

1. website theme type – pinpoint profit points, based on small, avoid type


grasp the theme of the site, according to their own situation, the best is his hobby, also must find the theme of the profits, that is how you through your website to achieve profitability, profitability of specific programmes, and this scheme is feasible, not simply for the site to site. Some websites are dozens of channels, regardless of the editor can be updated, visitors enter are confused, do not know what to say to this website, it is a hodgepodge, this channel also speak of SEO knowledge, the next channel began to flicker sexual health, this type of "portal" certainly not, I used to do a lottery station, the beginning is divided into many types, updated every day is very tired, but I don’t know what to say on the website, then to classify the cruel, to determine the direction of development and development of the main website.

2. website program selection – for the public, excluding the remote, templates to concise based,

more than 90% of the owners would choose to use the web application (CMS) to make a station, with a set of templates, web based even almost, some owners find love those lonely, feel the program with as few people as possible, with the theme of the website on the contrary, the popularity of small programs often there is a loophole, or the function is not perfect, can not keep up, the lack of update. At present, ASP personally recommended KingCMS and PHP technology, dedecms, phpcms and so on, are good empire. In addition to the website template selection is simple to remember, a new station on the line do not need too loud, reducing the number of JS, a page can’t be more than 8, the number of iframe less, preferably not more than 3 layers of div+css layer.

3. site update – appropriate changes, the formation of rules, and resolutely abandon the acquisition of

website template is the perfect program and to add content, a new station on the line, must add the original, fixed time every day, with a fixed number of original, is very good on the website, we won’t be able to make personal webmaster every day, you want to dozens of original information, only to find some good reference. The information, take over the title change, simple modifications you can, in addition the number of new original on-line according to the theme type, the category of information, a day not less than 50 of original information, and update the time to maintain, personal advice is quite good at 6-11 PM this time this, "