Neglected community service O2O community service what is the value of O2O

wrote an article last week about "O2O, what is vomiting and vomiting?" and then talked to many O2O practitioners, including a O2O project in Beijing that interests me. When O2O became popular, the property company also recognized that O2O was an opportunity to provide O2O services for the communities in which it served.

In the "

O2O? What is the vomiting vomiting?" this article, I made the past year more mainstream, popular, known as the six O2O mode, respectively, group purchase coupons, WeChat, Alipay, a combination of online and offline, Wanda electricity supplier. At that time I was not exposed to the community service O2O, nor did I think about it in this direction. After communicating with the O2O project manager of Beijing property management company, I found that community service O2O is also a valuable model. Since this model has a play, but why not flow, unpopular, which needs to be analyzed from the Internet enterprise and community property two O2O service point of view.

community service, why doesn’t O2O come in,


first of all, the property company is not the Internet, electricity supplier companies, the lack of (so-called) Internet genes. How to carry on the O2O understanding is not clear, how to build O2O platform can not complete the development of clear thinking, they are only through in-depth understanding of their own property services clearly recognize that O2O is a development opportunity for their development of O2O, but only to a point far enough, the property company still lacks O2O operation ability.

second, Internet Co is not interested in the market at present. Internet Co more attention to the entire network market, hoping to establish a ten million user scale of O2O services, and then access to financing, re listing, the community as a unit of the small cap Market is not interested. And Internet Co have no property service resources, community service O2O and not open around the property company, not the market value of single to provide services for a community, as well as provide standard O2O services to attract users to use different communities.

third, community diversity, it’s not easy to operate. If you want to do the market community service O2O, very difficult, because the location of different communities are different, different types, different resources surrounding residents, property companies are also different, all the service standard is very difficult, only some of the most basic service standardization, and then provide different services for different communities. As a result, property companies can only do small, ultimately it is difficult to make the market.

fourth, it’s not easy to move community residents online. To do O2O services, the user is the most important, community service O2O target user is very clear, but how to move the community residents online, using community O2O service is difficult. Internet Co do this a little difficult, but the property company has a solution, the property company can all the relevant community notification through the O2O service platform can spread, this base