Takeaway platform will become the next taxi software


] the core tip takeaway platform price like some time ago a taxi software, but in fact, in addition to the price promotion strategy, the degree of the merchant side standard take away, the complex process of the user experience, and taxi software are very different.

history doesn’t repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. In a fast, the price war died down, the takeaway platforms have played a "price" in the pattern of play.

today, Baidu takeout launched a new preferential policy, orders filled 15 yuan minus 3 yuan, 30 yuan 8 yuan, 15 yuan free delivery fee. Earlier, the Baidu takeaway on the implementation of the "only 6 yuan reduction" activities, it is clear that the new price subsidies declined compared to the previous stage.

is not just Baidu takeaway, hungry, Amoy spot, home, food, life radius and other platforms are doing similar concessions.

it’s not only more and more convenient, but also more and more worthwhile.

lose money, earn cry price war

today, the major takeaway point of application in the mobile phone, like a one family head move to save the market, several large home call: to see our full 100 minus 20. Shop home: we not resigned to playing second fiddle to buy one get one here.

, the market is currently gathering hundreds of millions of people, resulting in billions of transactions. Product consulting data released on 2013 show that the market size is expected to reach 91 billion 300 million yuan in 2014, 2015 will exceed 120 billion yuan.

since the beginning of this year, the big giants have entered the takeaway market. May 20, 2014, Baidu takeaway line, before the Tencent through public comment stake hungry, Alibaba launched Amoy spot, so far, BAT three giants have completed the layout of the takeaway market. In addition, there are a large number of independent takeaway sites, such as easy to eat and so on, but also between each other, and between BAT competition.

August 18th, Baidu takeaway announced "just minus 6 yuan" activity, that users use Baidu takeaway (including PC and mobile terminal) were ordering, you can enjoy the original price minus 6 yuan benefits.

earns a lot of money, not just Baidu. Hungry, announced that from mid 8 inquiry, United Focus Media, through the cover of Shanghai office interactive advertising screen, send 200 thousand free lunch, the event will continue to Beijing and Guangzhou.

for 20 yuan per game, this event hungry, will cost 4 million yuan.

group buying one of the king of the group, the United States Mission network also declared, "takeaway market size is no less than the group buying market, the U.S. group takeaway will be rapid expansion, investment in the next 3 years 10>