World nternet Conference Ma Ma speech record electricity supplier is essential for enterprise succe

20 morning, the world Internet Conference, "cross-border e-commerce and global economic integration" sub forum held, Ma made a keynote speech. In his speech, he analyzed the reasons for Ali’s success, the fun and motivation of Ali’s career, and the future direction. In the business standard, he referred to the theory of 3W, 3 Win, W is the first to win customers, customer first, do anything to win second W partners to win third W is his three win to win, less any one can’t do business go on.


Ma Yun’s speech has the following main points:

1. business is becoming more and more difficult to do, the more difficult to do, the more opportunities, the key is your vision. You see a province you do a provincial business, your eyes see all the China, you do China business, you see the whole world you have the opportunity to do business in the world, you see today you do business today, you see you do after ten years of business ten years later, so the key lies in the business perspective.

2. I venture the largest in more than 10 years of experience is always thinking about how others fail, what are these people make a mistake? Have many elements of success, but there are a lot of things there is no way to learn. But I find business failures are almost the same.

3., the achievements of today’s Alibaba are not done today, but our idea 15 years ago. If you only do today’s business, just want to do today, tomorrow will be successful, you will not succeed. (now) smarter than you have no chance, than you have no chance of hard work, you can only be better than the future. You think China will do something like this in the future, so you can do it now. You insist on ten to fifteen years, do not be afraid of fan errors, your vision is determined, and later to find a good team to do together.

4. you’re going to talk about venture capital. Your confidence comes from knowing what you’re going to do, not knowing that I’m asking for money, or you’re basically short.

5., Alibaba is not an e-commerce company, Alibaba is a company that helps others become e-commerce.

6. important criteria for ten years before the Alibaba consider success, not their own is not successful, but our customers because we have success? If we succeed prematurely, customers will not be successful. Of course, if you can do together is the best, I also succeeded, customers also succeeded, but there is only one way, you have to give up what? That is to give up their own interests, let others succeed first.

7. last century is the IQ, this century is the EQ, EQ is to make people comfortable, so that customers comfortable, so that partners comfortable, no more important than this. Therefore, women will experience more and more severe situation in the experience age, because women think more than others