Webmaster talk about learn to master enterprise blog marketing

enterprise marketing has many kinds: blog marketing, BBS marketing, QQ marketing, mail marketing and so on. And blog marketing is the most efficient of all marketing (low cost, good effect), this way is very suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out, the following is how blog marketing.

first step: build blog system

for the blog marketing of small and medium enterprises, "quantity" is the key to success is that a wide range of publicity, publicity for a wide range of stores, so if you want to do a good job of blog marketing, the first step is a key step in the 20 domestic well-known blog at the same time to carry out the blog website, only set up a large blog system can make good. The well-known domestic blog website: Sina blog, blog, Sohu bokee.com, matador, Sadie: blog, news blog, Baidu space, MSN Blogbus, Tom blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, NetEase China bokee.com, Google blog, blog, blog, its crooked cool blog world, blog Park, china.com blog, blog network.

second step: draw up blog title

blog title must pay attention to. How to stress it? It’s about your blog theme. For example: what I am promoting is a language exchange platform (http://s.www.uoutlook.com/ExperienceChinach.asp) with foreigners. My blog name can be taken as follows: how to learn foreign languages with foreigners?. This will attract readers of the subject.

third step: add blog content

a blog wants to get loyal readers, and most importantly, the content should be characteristic. As the saying goes, to hand a fragrance of roses, helping people to help themselves. So we can write down our experience, sum up, difficulties and solutions. If you write something to help readers, then readers will help you propaganda, and we should often learn from the experience of others, and then summarize, I come across a good essay reproduced to your blog, so you can slowly build up a complete system of learning, reference.

fourth step: compose blog article

blog update is critical, and finally updated every day, so as to improve your blog activity, reputation and click through rate. But how to write an article? Here are some tips on how to write it.

1. to write the use of colloquial writing techniques: blog too hard, you will look very tired, so the time of writing, the best to use colloquial language, it makes readers feel very close, easy to read.

2. blog content layout must be well-proportioned: I often see many people to write a blog password, Ma, even a paragraph are not, look let big head, this blog is difficult for users to read. So write >