Suggestions on improving community members’ enthusiasm and posting rate

on how to improve the popularity of the community, how to improve the registration of members of the community, how to improve the enthusiasm of members, as long as the use Baidu Search will have a lot of methods, mentioned below, the gateway community have done or doing, but as my personal a little experience, say for the exchange, we hope to add or I’m not Paizhuan, professor in experience oh, actually I’m learning to you: XDJM


serves as the portal for the webmaster to raise 2G’s free space for free. In my opinion, there are several ways to improve the number of community members and the enthusiasm of their members:

one, community activities,

is relatively difficult to engage in offline activities, community online activities can be said to be many webmaster community development, increase the rate of community members posting and enthusiasm, and the portal community opened a special "activity area" of the plate, is very important for the community long-term development planning since only innovative activities will attract people, only frequent various activities will bring power to the community development.

personal advice:

In 1, when

plans to hold a activities, except those long-term effective, other activities from the beginning to the deadline is best to stay within a month, when I used to do community activities, often because the top prize is not in place, and I shouldn’t have to spend money to buy so many prizes. The extension of the deadline, not only not to engage in activities that will have a negative impact on the enthusiasm of the members and activities in the future, even on the back of a "liar" and the title of the lost part of membership.

2, a prize set, in addition to members of their community special awards, such as community integration, community Title badge. Can also according to different members paid different prizes, for example, is the head of the reward we can set the domain name or space, is of no use to him not to do the domain name, you can set a T-shirt or a small souvenir and other practical material or Q money network money reward. Set different prizes for members to choose from.

At 3,

activity: I used to do few activities only done so several times, but I have made reference to many activities like activities that plan is a kind of mold, ha ha, is to look at more formal, mobilize members participation impulse. In addition, the activities are illustrated, and I have to copy the instructions so that they can be posted to other forums. This is very important. For example, I used to do a 100 T-shirt event (that is, the community has just opened, only dozens of members), that is, as long as 300 points, the top 100 of the exchange can get a t-shirt. Although this event later seems to be a bit of a loss, but after I go to the outdated and Tianya BBS publicity, after the end of the week of activities, the number of members on the previous basis increased by about 500. Although the effect is not very good, but what I want to say is >