Network development associated with electronic commerce magazine

in March 31, 2008, my company registered company, the project is to build a new professional propaganda mode — Journal of electronic commerce for the enterprise, why choose this project, from last year I was in Tianjin for a period of work experience.

I graduated from Shijiazhuang Army Command College, looks very bluffing, actually I am Weipei students, there is no army that, after graduating from university last year to its own way, in Tianjin in the middle of an advertising media company working in contact a new electronic media — Taking proceedings, at first the media is in a a model of entertainment is very popular, like Lu Yu, Xu Jinglei’s "open" and so on in the company magazine, I mainly do the sales journal of electronic commerce, that is the agent of the electronic magazine Guangzhou district sales, at the same time our company but also for enterprises to design the new media, is a professional enterprise the Multimedia Communication Journal of electronic commerce, the business journal is widely used, the use of flexible, easy to modify, has become a model for the enterprises without paper publicity in the south, and in To exploit the markets of the north, for half a year at Tianjin market step by step to maturity, he thought, if I go back to Shijiazhuang registered a company, the development of Shijiazhuang market is very promising, so by the end of 2007, I resigned from Tianjin decided to do work, Journal of electronic commerce market in Shijiazhuang.

March 31st is a day worth celebrating, my company finally successfully registered in case I painstakingly began his boss, part-time clerk of life, every day was like in Tianjin work to go to work, but a month, two months later, the general effect. At this point, I think this can not go on, what is the reason for the market to open up, the key is the idea of poor people in the north to accept new things, and I do just for the Journal of electronic commerce enterprises design brochures, so enterprises should be how to use the Journal of electronic commerce, how to make the enterprise ideas to achieve a wide range of Business Journal communication is a big problem in the past also have seen a lot of big business journal of electronic commerce platform, the power of individuals is difficult to operate, so only the early stage of design, did not want to do platform website, now the reality is there, as an advertising media company, does not have its own advertising to help enterprise promotion of new media, is a fatal mistake, so I started to imagine himself as a platform.

During that time,

saw a lot of Journal of electronic commerce platform, feel the way or some, can do a little bit of the nature of the industry Web site, only eat a business, from the start, to penetrate the entire industry, this is not a good way to find a lot of industry, eventually found your way out of a Liuzhou education network, students to make electronic magazine publicity personality of the students, the school publicity and cultural life, let the electronic magazines and student interaction, ten brother to raise a website click rate and visibility of the great advantage, but also pay attention to a principle from the start, not greedy. So I chose to do the Shijiazhuang student network — rice bean net >