My personal career as a personal stationmaster

I started my website career in October 2008. In fact, I did more time than I did. It started as early as 2007, but at that time it was purely for fun, no goal, and searching for that free space. Early I had a website the idea of making money, but want to apply for a variety of business advertising alliance, and often told the two domain of discussion, may need to spend money at the top-level domain, and domain name space is not too expensive, so buy a space and domain name is malicious cruel, where the content and flow of the next the problem is how to promote the website, website? This is the problem in front of me.

as the saying goes, "there is no way out.". So I have to find on the Internet all day long, there are pop-up forms, there are traffic flow, brush flow. I have tried these, and some of them are good, and really bring traffic. But these flows are not true, which day suddenly stopped brushing, a look at my statistics, and even a real IP are gone. Finally, the site traffic brush up, you can apply for advertising, people obviously tell you, to rank, ranking must reach how many, how many million, otherwise people will not be approved. The small arm is no thigh, people can’t boss ah, and then started the whole ranking, ranking you think you just built website where ah, even the flow is a problem, but it can do we Chinese, so the League ranked sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like come up, brush ranking generation two, generation, and recently launched the third generation, and set up a group to study how to rape ALEXA ranking. We can not lag behind it, to apply for advertising to make money, it must be ranked ah, so I can also follow the brush, brush to brush, the ranking is not stable, ALEXA people are not fools, today instead of an algorithm, a modified algorithm for tomorrow, too, waste electricity, waste of money, but the ranking is always do not go on. Finally, I can find a way, people have specialized companies engaged in rankings, a month to more than 100 yuan, all to fix. Yes, it’s really good. The ranking is really stable. Say how to make money, flow brush came, ranking buy, then start advertising.

June 2005

Taobao and eBay to fight each other in the Chinese occupied territory, so the smoke of war had begun, both sides began to burn in Chinese earth. So the two sides of the alliance partners on eBay is PR, ed activer, Yi Chi; Taobao IPLUS, game day; at this time China personal website, enterprise website has a variety of small Wangzhuan station not resigned to playing second fiddle, began to rise, so take this opportunity, the website also began a round of cheating long war, overnight, network everywhere there are Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station, then spread across the group, began stealing money. Round down, by the end of 2005, eBay began upgrading, many websites because of cheating account is K, and then began to turn to Taobao, a Taobao alliance also began to rise, the shopkeeper alliance, black alliance began to vie for Taobao this big cake, the boom will decline, by 2006.