No personality online education is a rogue look at how to build a sub branch of the online math prob


if you are not in school, so much above the function of how much impression? Most people should be completely unintelligible. At that time, however, hundreds of times of the same type appeared before our eyes. Over the years, the Huanggang library…… In the examination oriented education, students can not avoid a link is the sea.

the past two years, the rise of online education service, which contains a lot of "online examination" service, let a lot of previously required please tutor to explain, or need to be scoured the papers are focused on the internet. But in fact, most of the "online test" is nothing more than ever will be printed on the item moved to a computer or mobile phone screen, and the actual teaching and practice, students still need to complete the online, so in addition to retrieval and storage of advantages, "online examination", compared with the traditional form of education, and there is no essential change.

and "net" to further on this basis: with many online education platform, they will allow users to complete the exercise testing on the site, and according to the data of dynamic adjustment of the user, they recommend the most appropriate exercises in high school mathematics.

first, any service that makes itself a personalized label must complete the process of "cold boot" – a basic data analysis model for the user when the user first uses the service. Mention network approach is that the user must first carry capacity evaluation in registered website, complete the evaluation tests, high school mathematics knowledge map based on the complete network will depend on the points they called cognitive diagnosis engine, to analyze the students on the whole to grasp the situation of middle school mathematics knowledge, including proficiency and learning progress the knowledge node. Then, the system will push the supporting learning plan and learning materials, and users can judge weak links by reporting themselves.


as the core of Web services is a diagnostic analysis engine, this engine is based on Theory Response analysis Item (item response theory) and Graded Response Model (grade response model) and design, the former is used to determine potential subjects, used to guide the project selection and preparation of test content, the latter is used to make computer automatic calculation and adjustment of rating, the two sets of system model is often used in enterprise ERP management. Today, the two theories have been used in the teaching of the network can also help to establish the corresponding algorithm for each student users make the analysis judgment, and dynamic for their own learning process, with the most.

to build such a system, is not only the need of mathematics and computer work, it also involves many disciplines of education and psychology, so in addition to founder Ceng Zhiping is a doctorate from the Tsinghua University, data analysis and data mining, other members of the team also.