Stationmaster your RP has PR Gao

I am writing is more verbose, please be patient to see if impatient down, please click the upper right corner of the closed.

never thought that I would join the ranks of the army chief, the first time around the site is the first year, when the school forum is a junior school brother do (actually a DZ original), I was the worship ah, call 35 elder brother a few cups of wine finally, he decided to teach me. The magic journey began. A month later, he does not understand to ask me, but this is the way.

from DVbbs to DZ to PW, a struggle, I finally have my own web site. My hometown is in a small town near the capital, there was only one way or half-dead classification information. Soon my portal site was on the line. Sweat, I really ashamed, ashamed ah also portal. And all personal Adsense, saliva propaganda is the source of power, I added more than 50 local Q group, the effect is general, and then epiphany, change a female number. Find a few beautiful friends to BBS photo show, popularity really big increase. Do that site, know a lot of friends, including now doing a site together.

because it is the local site, I’m not what legal consciousness, not the card. That card, finally in the Olympic Games a week before the opening ceremony, someone give me a call, or police, supervisor? Forget, but nature as well, are Dang people, people I can not turn to tube? So, I go to the wall. Later opened, and left a forum, all day there is no stick posted, but my BBs group is very active, they also get together all day, KTV what?. I take part in it occasionally when I go home. This local site, I’ll do it later, wait for the opportunity.

through this, I see a point. It turned out that our website is not just to protect the group of hackers who understand a bit of hacker technology as hackers.

later began to do other websites, began to know GG and mom’s advertising alliance, now think I’m really a SB, just the whole GG ad, I myself a point. Let somebody else order. Looking at the numbers up, I have a cool heart, dollar. I, Yang Tao, have begun to take international routes to make foreign money. GG, like K, a lot of idiots like me, took my account number K. Not wrong. With this lesson, I began to watch the advertising alliance. That is, from this time, I changed the original intention of doing the website.

do the webmaster estimated nausea and others to their website advertising, but we have to admit, at the beginning of the day to go to someone else’s website advertising, real, unreal, manual, mass, QQ, forum. As for advertising, Lining’s advertisement is so good that anything is possible. We waste time every day to AD, in exchange for the poor IP to maintain his only satisfaction. Fortunately, we finally get to the site when there is natural flow. Everything will be fine. >