The value of sina micro blog may have been much lower than the market expected



, author of this article is snowball user why0725, originally from snowball

because of the constant failures and bad luck of the management, the value of sina and micro-blog has depreciated substantially, and the users have migrated from Sina micro-blog to Tencent WeChat. Sina’s central value is around $35. Investors even need to think about whether Sina could be completely reset like MySpace.

in 2011, when Sina’s share price reached $147, investors wanted Sina and micro-blog to achieve huge commercial value in three ways:

1, its account system has become a universal account system for Chinese users to accept various Internet services. By becoming a user platform, they gain revenue sharing in various fields such as electricity providers, games and so on;

two, the user left in the social network information, can become the basis of information of commercial advertising recommend a variety of valuable, Sina makes micro-blog can benefit from the friend recommendation information like Facebook that is


three builds a new media through micro-blog, thus obtaining a large number of advertising resources, relying on traditional advertising technology to make a profit.

but unfortunately, now, these three efforts have failed or are almost doomed to fail.

Sina, micro-blog’s commercial value suffered the first blow to luck. The government of Chinese media special regulatory policies, Sina micro-blog has become Chinese in fact free media, this Chinese government requires Sina micro-blog to establish account authentication system of real name system, and the establishment of the advanced network monitoring system to record and monitor the user behavior. The consequences are, in addition to the user in order to pursue the speech communication effect, such as the disclosure of certain practices they encounter unfair criticism of the government, the user is not willing to use the most stringent monitoring receipt account system, they do not want to use this account system to play games, do not want to use the account system to shopping, do not to use this system to make the payment account.

, for example, Sina micro-blog also canceled the user’s account from time to time for punishment, in this case, the user how dare like Sina management longing for, cash into micro-blog’s payment account? If investors to China investigation, will be very intuitive see: many businesses choose the Tencent WeChat as a public number their service account, the user is using the micro signal to the Tencent to the merchant register as a member.

Sina micro-blog’s commercial value has been second severe blow to its management mistakes, lost private social circle. In 2011, when Sina micro-blog was launched, its users were used to releasing information on micro-blog that actually belonged to a private social circle: for example, their children