Fresh electricity supplier is facing the end of what problems

recently, fresh electricity incident in town, two yuan Jun circle of friends is a similar incident after several days of screen brush.

do not know if you noticed, O2O fresh brand recently is greatly closed and shrinking, "love fresh peak" was held in the grand "downsizing" activities, every orchard has proved its line of nearly a thousand stores have been fully closed, have been living under the fresh O2O project "originally convenience" has also been suspended.

over the previous two years, O2O fresh or relatively prosperous, and now, fresh electricity come to this step, some VC and Internet bigwigs unexpected, after analysis of 2 Jun, O2O fresh to close the tide, there are several major problems:

high cost sourcing

Almost all

will be called fresh electricity supplier label "origin direct mining", this is done in order to transfer the "fresh" and "low price" information, on the other hand also indirectly inform the consumer scene huge. However, in the end there are a few fresh electricity supplier is the origin of direct mining, according to sources, the market is a lot of fresh electricity supplier is the source of the so-called procurement of basic wholesale markets and accessories mainly fruit supermarket.

if you really want to do of origin direct mining, will undoubtedly bring great pressure to the fresh, first procurement cost will be greatly improved, and the multi category to meet consumer demand, will involve a number of human origin, at the same time also greatly increased. Fresh is different from other retail industry, short shelf life, perishable it is a fatal flaw, and the sum of the fresh loss need to pay platform.

cheap user reputation

early, each fresh electricity supplier start-up time, relying on low-cost strategy to attract consumers to quickly seize market share. As the saying goes, fleece, low-priced products with quality is uneven in quality which leads to consumer experience, too poor, the same pit will not fall second times, the low quality of the consumer experience behind the low reputation of the user, the user loyalty, the platform after serious losses, the injured is itself and investors.

started by the orchard every day orchard, and now it has been unable to see the car on the site of a single product sales. A person close to the orchard every day said, "around the cherries price war has the category price fell far below the industry level standards, leading to the normal price of selling businesses this phenomenon even No one shows any interest in, the impact to the next line of the fruit shop."

market wide, less money, how a piece of cake

most of the domestic fresh electricity supplier warehouse quality is basically not up to standard. The temperature control of the Jiancang cost is very high. And because of the different products, the temperature of the refrigerator is also different, therefore, the temperature is a major factor affecting the choice of fresh electricity supplier commodity range.

as everyone knows, is a fresh high consumption, rigid demand, attracted a large number of entrepreneurs have one after another, but also to the difficult operation and so on