Prospect analysis of LED lighting industry

lighting industry has always been a hot industry in recent years, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the lighting industry has undergone tremendous changes. LED lighting industry has become the most popular industry. Want to invest in the lighting industry, LED lighting is the focus of your attention. LED lighting industry trends? Together we analyze.

The rise of

in the lighting industry, and flat channels corresponding to the agent is the regional agent system (i.e. lighting wholesale "logistics" concept. The "logistics" and "solely responsible for cargo transportation logistics business" is not the same concept, but the cross, that part of the transport of goods "logistics" is also the wholesale product "logistics"), is the enterprise brand products sales right in large areas, such as a province the right to grant a distribution agent. Channel flattening is to narrow the regional agent, such as prefecture level cities (including the provincial capital city) as a unit, or even a smaller range of agents to grant an agent.

LED lighting industry trends? LED lighting industry channel flat trend analysis

Second, driven by industry competition. The competition of the lamps and lanterns enterprise includes each link, reduce the circulation link is an important content to improve the competition ability, reduce the circulation link can bring the direct price competition advantage to the enterprise, especially in the recommend