Store rents also rose to the beauty salon to renew it

store rent is an important part of the cost of investment in the beauty salon, so for the beauty salon owner, store rents rose, but also means that the cost of beauty salons increased a lot. Then, when the store rents rose, beauty salons to renew? The answer is yes. The following are three reasons to renew:

for a reason

for two

for three

the relocation or closure of all things of beauty salons injured in the sinews or bones. First of all, the beauty salon two years of painstaking efforts and training of customers will be to competitors, it is a waste of energy, a great pity; two is suddenly closed, will affect the chain stores in the customer’s credibility and reputation.

and other industries, the beauty industry is the old customers earn money, cultivating customers is not easy, so even if the store rents rose, beauty salons can not easily move, you know, a move may make you lose a lot of old customers, so if the rent rose slightly, to renew.


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