How to join Wang Huafeng hamburger

Shaanxi hamburger is presumably not a few people do not know, it should be said that this is the Chinese burger, but is a Chinese from local people’s taste for China "Chinese style hamburger". If you want to run a hamburger shop, it is a good choice. Here is Wang Huafeng hamburger do you recommend. Wang Huafeng hamburger snack business market prospect is extremely broad, very low risk, low investment returns, snack market contains huge business opportunities. Suitable for most of the lack of funds, less skilled workers entrepreneurial. Can be set up shop, but also mobile operators, the minimum investment of a few hundred dollars can be achieved to do the boss’s dream, this investment is small, fast returns, lucrative projects in particular by the small investment entrepreneurs favor.

Wang Huafeng hamburger became entrepreneurs choice. With the increasing number of franchisees, Wang Huafeng brand stores continue to increase throughout the world. Delicious snacks, special hamburger. To adapt to the modern consumer concerns about food safety, pay attention to nutrition, the pursuit of health, improve the quality of life and consumption level, regulate and purify the dining environment, Wang Huafeng hamburger can satisfy modern people’s food needs; Wang Huafeng hamburger let more people enjoy with heart health, make unique delicacy. Wang Huafeng brand goal: to create authentic hamburger, let every customer feel the hamburger taste buds experience.

Wang Huafeng joined hamburger:

1, with a certain degree of cultural quality, good health, abide by the law.

2, fully understand the Wang Huafeng hamburger franchise policy, interested in the food service industry.

3, the corresponding area of the store, must be able to engage in the catering industry.

4, Wang Huafeng hamburger franchisee must have the corresponding funds and management ability.

5 stores, service personnel for headquarters, responsible for training.

6, the store on the water, electricity is complete.

Wang Huafeng joined the hamburger process:

1, the two sides negotiate the agreement, signed letters of intent to join Wang Huafeng hamburger, pay the deposit.

2, headquarters sent to the franchisee to assess the investigation and provide site guidance.

3, officially signed a contract to join Wang Huafeng hamburger, and at the same time pay a fee to use the brand.

4, open shop procedures, store decoration, logistics and distribution.

5, personnel training, equipment purchase >