What are the difficulties for college students to start their own business

there are two months and a number of college graduates, and now the number of college graduates every year is very large, and each year the number of vacancies in the community is limited, so many students can not find a job. Many college students have been on the road of independent entrepreneurship, so what are the difficulties of college students in their own business?

The university graduates get together universities expansion

"I didn’t pay the rent, I really do not know how to spend the day after." In the talent market, busy for little more than the face of distress, "out of school for several months, but also unemployed, before going to do a foreign agent, can be found later is an illegal agent, to quit, it has been unable to find work, read four years of university did not find out to work to support themselves, to their parents for money and feel shy, parents training I graduated from University, I tell them they have to work, how to open a port, but the fact is that for several months did not work, the money runs out." With little more than the same, for several months or even one or two years can not find an increasing number of college students work.

in the talent market, Xiao Yu found several their favorite units, and voted resume.

mentioned business, Xiao Yu said that he was born in the countryside, is hard to collect enough gold to start a business. At the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurial risk, he still hopes to find a stable job, early employment. Xiao Yu said that after the accumulation of a certain amount of work experience, he will do things according to market demand.

on almost all of the students, the first choice of graduation is to find a job, even though a lot of entrepreneurial success, is also the first to find a job, can not find was "to join rebels". Miss Yang is the owner of a small advertising company, asked her to open the company’s original intention, Miss Yang is also a face of Innocence: I work well in a real estate company