Open new and old Beijing cloth shoes stores to go what processes

old Beijing cloth shoes platter’s popularity has been very high, whether it is China’s first tier cities or three or four tier cities and urban areas, old Beijing shoes and other stores have been very much. However, although everyone is on brand or product know a lot, but really want to open an old Beijing shoes store service more people, we still want to know more new old Beijing shoes stores to go what processes, here we have to know.

1: develop strategic planning for new store development

is looking for a new opportunity to open a shoe store, there are two options: first, the existing retail stores in the city to add new retail points; the other is not yet opened in the development of the city to set up a new retail outlets in the two. The first case is easy to make decisions, and the second usually requires a more comprehensive, systematic decision-making process. For individual investors, the opening of the cloth shoes store plans often should pay more attention to short-term business forecasts rather than long-term planning.

2: conduct market research to determine the intention to shop

conduct rigorous market research to determine retail opportunities, the intention to set up shop, such as the number of shops, regions, etc..

3: choose to open the store format and retail store size

There are many types of

shoes, from the investment point of view, there are self – chain stores, franchise stores, such as the level of dealer model. There is no physical store from the point of view, a product catalog, shop floor, shop, clothing trade city, retail clothing exhibition, mobile stalls, clothing brands can also according to the needs of the salesperson, choose the form of franchise stores.

4: select shop area

choose the old Beijing shoes store area, usually to analyze their business advantage, first in less competitive center city open old Beijing shoes store, and then as the axis of radiation to the surrounding city, this is a relatively safe method.

5: site survey and selection of


chose to set up shop in the city, to conduct in-depth analysis of the business district to determine the specific shop address. Usually have the conditions of the shop should have the following four characteristics: first, the selected lots and its brand image match; two is convenient transportation; the traffic is big enough for the three; the second is to choose the right competitors. In the clothing retail, the competitor is usually divided by the dividend as the management standard, has the positive function to the target customer, the adjustment management strategy.

6: set up shop plan and implement

to the retail shop for decoration, ready to shop and try to operate, to develop a good recommendation