nternet home improvement platform model really dead

in 2016, after the Spring Festival hot news on the Internet home of the first real world network emerge in an endless stream, giving up 666 straight business transformation platform, after the new March decoration, there are a variety of views and discuss 315 of the war also burn the decoration, construction enterprises leading to negative news.

compared to last year, through the Internet home are more low-key, more love bulkhead work, will mainly concentrate on standardization and iterative implementation, as well as the construction and service supply chain, and carries on the expansion of the city. We all know that one day how to do PR is not so important.

simple decoration has no meaning matching

room decoration business transformation from the direct cause of earnings pressure, 2015 full year net loss of net income of $38 million 800 thousand, or about $254 million. According to its argument to do an open platform is also an advantage, such as: capital supervision, site supervision, interactive APP, with self experience, landing standardized output.

If the

from its own advantages, to make a transition to open platform is also in line with the development demands of the 666 packages: low profits, home improvement business does not make money, there are complaints, extension, supply chain and so a series of problems, even lead to rising costs; and lost the previous Jiezhuang companies this advertising revenue, before the east to a branch of a year advertising costs hundreds of thousands, this is down several billion dollars in advertising. Home improvement losses, and now the advertising business is lost; in addition to the amount of user needs and data size, the maximum flow realized.

so that the real world transformation in line with their own interests, but the profit model have to be changed, not to sell information, send this single mode conversion rate is too low, but the quality is not high.

attempts to review cut large new home, if the consumer is genuine goods at a fair price comment, will allow users to collapse, have made the dead appearance, were all unhappy, Tucao, called "bastard", you let the user choose?

but the Internet is not Jiezhuang flow problem, nor flow attribute problem, but not the orders, but the ground service and supply chain issues, focus on the process can have a good result. Just diversion, will bring the negative effects of word of mouth, decoration company construction will certainly be a problem, turn back or will blame the platform side.

is about guns for WeChat to pay, and then lead to about gun cheated, WeChat should not be responsible for at least? The user is so understandable, even if you can avoid the risk from the legal level, also angered a show.

decoration matching platform user value

platform model is connected with two kinds of users: merchant (B side or service side) and users, the most important thing is to meet the needs of these two users, and to solve the pain points.

because the home improvement chain is too long, too much information, users do not understand the decoration, the decoration company, strange consumption, foreman, design.