Pingtan Taiwan entrepreneurs to open more window of opportunity to promote common development

Fujian is the preferred base of Taiwan entrepreneurs, distance and economic advantages, resources and other reasons, in order to help the Taiwan entrepreneurs in Fujian, Pingtan to Taiwan entrepreneurs to open more of a "window of opportunity"".

27 year old Meng Xianting every week between Taipei and Pingtan. "By boat from Pingtan to Taipei as long as 2.5 hours, the young man from Hsinchu Taiwan last year in Pingtan Taiwan Venture Park established a human resources training institutions," take the morning boat to Taipei branch, handle things to do in the afternoon to ship back to Pingtan, a day to catch a back and forth." He said.

"we want this to be the fulcrum of Taiwan youth looking for opportunities. Strive to become a low cost, convenience, all factor entrepreneurship platform for young entrepreneurs." Zhu Yun, general manager of Pingtan Free Trade Zone Development Co., ltd..

by Pingtan to build business park in Taiwan, the duty-free market, cross-border electricity supplier park, to attract more Taiwan entrepreneurs air plant. Jin Jixian is the head of the 101 Agel Ecommerce Ltd, his "shopping network" in August last year to start operations. Investigation in Pingtan for six months, the final choice of the electricity supplier industry to start the business, he said: I aim at the current tide of Internet economic development in the mainland."

2015 in Pingtan approved a imports of cross-border e-commerce pilot areas, and the comprehensive experimentation area of the island closed the operation advantage, logistics cost and time cost of enterprises is reduced. Pingtan cross-border electricity supplier in the second half of last year, a total of 69 thousand votes in the order, cross-border electricity supplier park gathered a total of more than and 40 enterprises.